X MUSE Bottle and Serve - Photo by X MUSE.

X MUSE Bottle and Serve – All photos by X MUSE.

DesignX MUSE, pronounced tenth muse, is crafted from heritage barleys and the purest water to ‘muse’ discerning drinkers with an exquisite vodka embodying a timeless sense of harmony. The luxury spirit is named after an artwork by Scottish poet, artist and gardener Ian Hamilton Finlay. Referencing the muses in Greek mythology, the tenth muse represents and transcends them to a new level of perfection. The perfection in flavours and design is narrated by its unique bottle by Stranger & Stranger and an immersive tasting experience by Formafantasma.

X MUSE Temple Bar - Photo by X MUSE.

Temple Bar.

X MUSE  has been created by renowned spirits industry expert Vadim Grigoryan and Robert Nelson, co-creator of Jupiter Artland, the award-winning sculpture park located just outside Edinburgh. The bottle design by Stranger & Stranger is imbued with art. “Finally, the liquid from the distillation process rests on amethyst crystals, linking to natural energetic healing and in reference to British artist Anya Gallaccio’s amethyst grotto also on view at the Jupiter Artland estate.”

X MUSE Bottle by Stranger & Strangers - Photo by X MUSE.

Bottle design by Stranger & Stranger.

As a goddess worthy of its name, X MUSE has its own temple. Milan-based design studio Formafantasma has created a permanent pavilion at Jupiter Artland. “Our design practice has always been rooted in researching themes that transcend history and focus on today and the future. This is exactly why X MUSE was a perfect partner for us, as the brand’s ethos is about the blending of cultural history with an edgy approach to alchemy and contemporary art.”

X MUSE Temple Exterior - Photo by X MUSE.

Temple Exterior.

A solar geodesic dome built in clear glass invites visitors to join the X MUSE Helicon tasting workshop, an immersive experience that awakens all senses. The workshop comprises objects handcrafted using locally sourced materials to bring to life the alchemy intrinsic to the vodka and steeped in artistic references. “To reflect the vodka’s strong Scottish roots, we selected authentic materials that could be found in and around Scotland, including wool, wood, granite, and glass.”

X MUSE Temple Interior designed by Formafantasma - Photo by X MUSE.

Temple Interior by Formafantasma.

Bronze vessels and glorifiers are made by Powderall Bronze, an Edinburgh-based sculpture and metal work studio. Each has been hand-patinated and hand-engraved with the X MUSE brand illustrations. The elegant central tasting table is made from blackened oak and solid Scottish granite and crafted locally. The oak dining chairs, also designed by Formafantasma, are finished with Bouclé Ivory textiles. With cues taken from the most prestigious luxury destinations, the glassware was designed by Lobmeyr, the 200-year Austrian fine crystal designers.

X MUSE Helicon Workshop pieces by Formafantasma - Photo by X MUSE.

X MUSE Helicon Workshop pieces by Formafantasma.

All photos: courtesy of X MUSE.

X MUSE Temple Glassware designed By Formafantasma - Photo by X MUSE.

Glassware designed By Formafantasma.