MAAT Museum is one of the major venues hosting several exhibitions of Lisbon Architecture Triennale - Photo by Paulo Coelho, courtesy of EDP Foundation.

MAAT Museum, Lisbon – © Paulo Coelho, courtesy of EDP Foundation.

ArchiPanic magazine selects, bakes and delivers fresh architecture, design and interior design news. From visionary professionals to emerging designers and students across the world. Our motto is “Be respectful and keep a down to earth attitude because humans must always be at the center,” says Enrico Zilli, Archipanic Editor in Chief.

Each story unveils a human-based and hype-free contents, and with a special focus on sustainability. “We like projects able to cross-pollinate architecture and design with art, music, technology, fashion, advertising, food culture and more” Adds Enrico Zilli. ENJOY!

Beyond the Map - Frame from teaser - Google.

Beyond the Map – Frame from teaser – Google.


ARCHITECTURE: Projects, opinions, and urban planning. ArchiPanic tracks architecture trends in the making.
DESIGN: Products and projects by established and indipendent brands but also makers, students and innovators. 
INTERIORS: The art to compose unexpected moods with trend-setting lifestyle environments.

PORTFOLIOS: Special reports on some of the most contemporary issues, most influential fairs and most influential events worldwide, but also trends and innovation overviews. 

HUMANS: We give voice to professionals who are linked to architecture and design business, architects, designers but also builders and people dealing, living in or interacting with the projects.

SUSTAINABLE: Socially and environmentally friendly projects that aim to make a difference for a better future. 

TRAVELLER: From Antarctica to Far East metropolises: explore some of the most fascinating and unexpected architecture, design and interiors.

Crowd in Tokyo - Photo by Stephan Geyer, Flickr CC.

Crowd in Tokyo – Photo by Stephan Geyer, Flickr CC.

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