Zhonghuge bookstore by XL-Muse. Photo by Shao Feng - Courtesy of XL-Muse.


All news must be fresh as we only publish recent projects.Press releases,plans, links & comments from the authors are more the welcome. Topics. We mainly scout in architecture and design. Fashion and art news aren’t really our cup of tea even if we don’t exclude them when they are strictly related to the main content of the website and are tuned with the editorial line. 


If you send us info about exhibitions remember that we prefer to publish before the opening and rarely after the venues has finished. Events: we generally prefer events open to the public. We are happy to publish very good photos of the opening, but (if the event is open to the public) we are much happier to announce it first and/or publish a special report after.


It is very important to receive good pictures (at least 900 pxls large) but also drawings and plans. Do not send us huge pics. At the moment we are unable to pay photography but we are more then happy to give credits and copyright details. Let us know then and we will provide to specify the authors and the owners of the images.

All stories can be sent to info@archipanic.com. If you want to write to the Editor in Chief, please specify “To Enrico Zilli:”. If you wish to join our Newsletter, please go HERE. Check below for legal stuff and policy.

Since we receive many press releases, we can’t assure prompt feedbacks. Sorry for that, we do try our best for a less anxious and more constructive interaction with our readers. We hope you understand that and give us time to take in considerations your request.

Alessi Circus - Image by Alessi.

Alessi Circus – All images and the video by Alessi.

COLLABORATIONS: Archipanic works with a network of professionals in order to define strategies, creates events or curate exhibitions. We are open to collaborations for a full partnership that goes beyond promoted-articles.


The ArchiPanic Team

Golf House by Luciano Kruk - All photo by Daniela Mac Adden, courtesy of Luciano Kruk.

Golf House by Luciano Kruk – All photo by Daniela Mac Adden, courtesy of Luciano Kruk.


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