Jameson Distillery in Bow St, Dublin - Photo by Jameson Irish Whiskey.

St. Patrick’s Day! 5 architectural whiskey distilleries making Ireland’s nectar flow

5 Irish whiskey architectures to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day: a former beer factory converted into a whiskey temple, a see-through garden pot still house and a medieval church turned into a distillery…

Samuel Beckett Bridge - Frame by YT Aroundtheworlin4k.

Welcome to Dublin! A contemporary architecture guide to the Irish capital

Brutalism in Trinity College, Temple Bar’s street art trails and a whiskey distillery in a medieval church. Welcome to Dublin! Explore Eileen Gray’s legacy, cross a Santiago Calatrava’s harp-inspired bridge and discover buildings by Daniel Libeskind, Grafton Architects and more…

Border Walls - View of Spanish-Moroccoan fence in Melilla

Border walls’ architecture from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe

Trump’s wall and the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) splitting the Korean peninsula in two… These border walls are just the tip of a global iceberg. Archipanic explores protectionist and divisive constructions across Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

FBMI rug design created in collaboration with Aljoud Lootah - Courtesy of Design Days Dubai.

Preview: 10 creative and entrepreneurial women to shine at Design Days Dubai 2017

Omani-inspired cabinets functional praying consoles and skyscraper-looking tables. Archipanic previews 10 projects and designs by innovative women at Design Days Dubai 2017.

Irish Pavilion @ Venice 2016 - Photo by Riccardo Tosetto

Losing myself: architects’ contribute to ease Alzheimer progressive sense of displacement

With the Losing Myself exhibition, Irish Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2016 presents a research on Alzheimer. The installation refers to the sensitive architecture of a respite care centre that was designed to alleviate disorientation.

Eight fronts, battlefronts and frontiers on show at Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

Which are the fronts that architects can tackle in order to improve people’s life? We examine eight fronts and key topics explored by must-see exhibitions at Venice Architecture Biennale 2016.