milano foodies

From fancy aperitif and posh terraces to street-food junctions and take-away expreriences, but also temporary lounges and unconventional night time venues, Milan Design Week is not just a free cocktail-drome but it offers a wide range of excuses to tease the palate and enjoy a convivial atmosphere whilst scouting for design inspirations… Starting from the one that started it all: Bar Basso.

bar basso

Without a doubt, the the must-go destination for design lovers late drinks, BarBasso, in via Plino 29, witnessed the transformation of Milan from a post-war  industrial town to nowadays international design capital. Run by Maurizio Stocchetto, BarBasso is the unformal meeting point for designers, editors and creatives after a long day of work. What to order? A Negroni sbagliato of course!


Pane e Acqua (Bread and water in Italian) is the charming little restaurant designed by Paola Navone upon Rossana Orlandi desire to welcome the guests of her adjacent gallery and all design lovers in a cosy and warm alcove where selected interior furniture and gourmet cuisine find common ground. Run by chef Francesco Passalacqua, Pane e Acqua is open from monday to staurday, from 10am to 11pm. via Matteo Bandello 14,


At Triennale, the purest and most complex essence of a drop of coffee is celebrated by iconic Italian coffee brand illy. The Caffè Sospeso installation by artist Alistair McClymont showcases a solitary drop of coffee floating solitarily in the room, the minimal coffee unit has been reduced to its pure essence and suspended in space and time. The exhibition is completed by words and music by awarded composer Ludovico Einaudi.

Donizeti, photo by Alvise Silenzi

Donizetti, photo by Alvise Silenzi

On Thursday 10th from 6.30 pm, Donizetti, the brand new concept store on the Piazza di Città Lombardia – Nuovo Palazzo della Regione, and publishing company DDn will host the Ladles & Compasses event. Reknowned chefs Pino Cuttaia, Ernst Knam, Pietro Leeman and Sergio Mei will help and support four established designers as Carlo Colombo, Toshyuki Kita, Giulio Iacchetti and Ludovica + Roberto Palomba. An infomral and playful show-cooking that exhibits how to approach a recipe with a design-project attitude. Munari’s way…

arabeschi di latte

Any estabilished design-foodie must always be connected to Arabeschi di Latte updates. This year the collective will blurr the boundaries between food and design with several projects as the Kitchen Library 02, the temporary reading lounge centered around food, books & furniture and dedicated to conviviality and inspiration in everyday life. 8-13 April, h 11am-7pm at JP Home, Foro Buonaparte 55. Nighttime Pantry by Underkitchen will go on show with small collection of objects, videos, images, sounds and ingredients inspired by stories and legends that undergo the charm of the night. Night stories made of alluring food, nocturnal animals, old traditions, bizarre tales and secret recipes. 8-13 April, h 11am-7pm. Project B Gallery, via Maroncelli 7.


Good Food in Good Design, the event that links zero-kilometres aperitifs in luxury hotels, will join the street-level spirit of Fuorisalone with a foodtruck in Piazza Affari, here rekowned Italian chefs have designed gourmet panino recipes. Try the “total spring” one by Giancarlo Morelli.


Iron tae pot by Toshiyuki Kita

Iron tae pot by Toshiyuki Kita

At Tokyo Designers Week food is quite an important ingredient. Toshiyuki Kita, product and industrial designer that has always been involved in creating “new everyday tools” collaborating with makers of traditional craftworks, will be protagonist at the exhibition “Things for Japanese food”. And since Expo Milan 2015 theme will be ‘Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life’, Tokyo Designers Week  will present the UNESCO branded Japanese traditional culture of EATING DESIGN. In collaboration with the Yagicho Shop, established 270 years ago in Nihonbashi Tokyo, Dashi, Japanese soup stock at the base of Japanese cuisine, will be served to the guests. On top of that, SUSHI POWER PARTIES will bring to Milan top sushi chefs as the three Michelin star Hachiro MIZUTANI, Tsuyoshi HAMADA and Taichi ISHIKAWA.


Fine dining experience, design, cocktails and technology: these are the ingredients of the interactive workshop organized by ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine, in partnership with MARTINI®. The cocktail becomes a concept transferred in cooking, thanks to the technique and technology of ALMA’s cooks and pâtissiers. The elegance of the Italian style and taste, from the history of the cocktail to its transformation in cooking. Cubo Mediateca Santa Teresa in Via della Moscova 28. 8-12 April, h. 2-22pm.

bouchons de vin

Sugheritivo is the cork-aperitif organized to sentitise people towards this natural and recyclable material. From 7 to 9.30 pm those who will show up at Spazio Conlegno on via Tortona 14 with a cork in the pocket will be offered a drink.

Last but not least, join the latterias, Milan disappearing vintage milk-shops that are scattered all around the city for a piadina, a panini or just a earthy buffalo mozzarella salad… And let let all the free-drink seeker stress out in crowded and indisciplinate trendy(?) cues… On top of that, in case you partied all the way to morning, remember to pop by the closest bakery at 5 in the morning, they will give you hot freshly baked croissants to eat on the street just before dawn.