10 brilliant lighting design in Milan. Above: ECAL/Foscarini complete series - Photo by ECAL/Calypso Mahieu.

10 brilliant lighting design in Milan. Above: ECAL/Foscarini complete series – Photo by ECAL/Calypso Mahieu.

Milan 2018 – We selected 10 brilliant lighting designs by Luca Nichetto, Lee Broom, Micheal Anastassiades and more which were launched at the most important design event worldwide.

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Micheal Anastassiades’ jewelry-inspired lightings for FLOS

Arrangements by M. Anastassiades - Photo by FLOS

Photo by FLOS.

In English, the word pendant is used for both jewelry and lighting design. From here, Micheal Anastassiades created Arrangements, a modular and reconfigurable collection which create dramatic luminous chains for Italian company FLOS. “After all, both jewels and lighting are strongly link to the human sphere. The first one are designed to ornate us, the second ones decorate the spaces where we live,” explains the designer.

Lee Broom’s celestial designs

Lee Broom's Eclipse Pendant & Table Lamp

Photo by Lee Broom.

Lee Broom launched Observatory, a stellar-inspired collection playing with proportions of vertical and horizontal space, sculptural, spherical form, and the refraction and reflection of light. “I wanted to create a celestial collection of sculptural lighting which is progressive and experimental using the latest LED technology,” explains Broom.

Ingo Maurer’s paper reflections

Koyoo - Photo by Ingo Maurer

Photo by Ingo Maurer.

German designer Ingo Maurer presented Koyoo, a delicate and minimal, portable light object for book lovers. A bright paper circle held by a wire spring hovers over a black, narrow foot nesting the light source. The LED illuminates the circle perfectly. Used on a table, the light source is below eye level and thus makes a very pleasant, relaxing light for beautiful moments.

Lunar constellations by Hiroto Yoshizoe

1.625 by Hiroko Yoshizoe

Photo by Hiroko Yoshizoe.

The moon is the most well-known indirect lighting known to humanity. It receives light from the sun and gently shines inspiring us from ancient times,” says Hiroto Yoshizoe who presented 1.625m/s2 at Salone Satellite. An illuminated design reflects a single light source thanks to a series of suspended mirrors. “Just like the moon, the design receives light from external environments and appears to shine gently to our eyes. The objects shine as they float within the air, as if they are free from gravity”.

FILAMENTO lamp shines a light on the “a visual and linear form of energy”

FILAMENTO by Mayice Studio - Photo by Pablo Gomez Ogando.

FILAMENTO by Mayice Studio – Photo by Pablo Gomez Ogando.

At Galleria Rossana Orlandi, Mayice Studio presented Filamento  a  sculptural  lamp  made  of  an undulating  glass  design more  than  one  meter  long which connects two light sources pointing each other.  When  illuminated,  its  form  and  matter  disappear; a poetic yarn of light created by the reflections on the glass surfaces creates a laser-like effect. Read more…

BEEM debuts with out-of-the-box light-bulbs

Photo by Beem

Photo by Beem.

Samuel Wilkinson launched BEEM, a new brand rethinking the design of light-bulbs in an innovative way. “We’ve been in the lighting business for more than a decade, and despite high-tech developments our clients complained that there is a big gap in light-bulb design innovation.” Says to Archipanic the brand’s co-founder Chris Stimson. The new collection includes pendant lamps with a twisted the glass bar which create a continuous coil around the base.

Portable lamps by ECAL students for Foscarini

ECAL/Foscarini Kohei Kojima – Photo by ECAL/Calypso Mahieu
ECAL/Foscarini Sebastian Maluska – Photo by ECAL/Calypso Mahieu
ECAL/Foscarini Bastien Chevrier – Photo by ECAL:Calypso Mahieu

ECAL Master Product Design students teamed with Italian company Foscarini on new lamp projects developed around the concept of portable light. Bastien Chevrier’s Cocoon lamp is made by applying silk worms directly on the metal structure. Kohei Kojima’s design is composed of 16 wooden rods held together with rubber strings, you can turn the powerful LEDs on by twisting the whole structure. Jana Lippert’s TALISMAN design is inspired by tribal jewels and features optical fibers to convey a magical mood.

Xi lights by Neri&Hu for Poltrona Frau emulates dawn luminosity

Xi Lights by Nery&Hu - Photo by Poltrona Frau

Photo by Poltrona Frau.

Italian company Poltrona Frau recreated the softness of dawn sunlight with the Xi lights collection by Chinese studio Neri&Hu. “If you look the word Xi up in the dictionary it’s very specific, it’s 5:30 to 6:30 in the morning. It’s that time period when the sky has a special light,” said the designers. Each piece features two different types of blown glass – the upper glass part has an evenly ridged surface and is transparent, but coloured with shades of amber, emerald, sapphire or moonstone.

Moustache’s TGV lamp ready to shine at home

Quirky furry characters play with the lamp by French company Moustache developed for TGV high-speed trains. Developed by Ionna Vautrin, the TGV lamp has a narrow cylindrical base which forms a T-shape with two rounded light diffusers on either side.

Oil lanterns from ancient Roman times inspired Luca Nichetto portable lamp

Lucerna by Luca Nichetto - Photo by Ethimo

Photo by Ethimo.

Outdoor furniture brand Ethimo launched Lucerna, a portable table lamp designed by Luca Nichetto. The design stems from the traditional oil lamps of the roman times, with its structure surrounded by a continuous bubble of glass. inside, the seemingly strong and pure structure itself adds a contemporary yet surprising nomadic spirit to the system.

Arrangements by M. Anastassiades - Photo by FLOS

Arrangements by M. Anastassiades – Photo by FLOS-