5 multi-functional bathroom designs in Milan - Photo by Kartell Laufen.

5 multi-functional bathroom designs in Milan – Photo by Kartell Laufen.

Bathroom – At Milan Design Week, architects and designers re-thought the most intimate living space. Archipanic picked 5 multifunctional-bathroom designs with a multitasking approach.

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MUT for Ex.t

02. Arco Design by MUT fr Ex.t - courtesy of P-S

Spanish studio MUT combined versatility with material blend for Ex.t with the Arco design. Conceived as a bathroom furniture with an integrated mirror and a shelving system hiding behind the glass, “Arco can turn into an elegant console for the home just changing the washbasin with a top depending on your needs” explain at Ex.T.

“Gymstastic” bathroom by Scavolini

Scavolini Bagno_Gym Space_preview_1

Italian leading company Scavolini launched a sportive solution for the bathroom, a vital room to get fit before the working day begins. Mattia Pareschi’s design re-thinks the bathroom as a wellness space for work-out sessions featuring features a Swedish gym board, planks, shelves and other fitness solutions.

Weltvree brings fizzy tub outside the house

Weltervee - Photo bt Weltvreeee.

Who said that having a jacuzzi means chilling out inside? Weltvree brings the jacuzzi outdoor without using electricity. An external coil which can be heated like a barbecue does  allows bubbling waters in the back garden or in the countryside. The design debuted at Gallery Rossana Orlandi.

DeKauri Bath Credenza

05. Image by DeKauri for Cosentino

Spanish surfaces purveyor Cosentino and Italian furniture maker Riva 1920 worked with architect Daniel Germani to create a freestanding bathroom vanity that conceals the sink, lighting, storage, and mirror. Doors crafted out of 50,000-year-old Kauri wood open to a white Dekton by Cosentino sink, a Fantini faucet, and vanity-like lighting by Juniper Design.

Morning rituals console helping to cope with Alzheimer 

PHOTO BY Studio Gerjanne van Gink

Every morning we wash our face, brush our teeth and comb our hair. Simple. But not that simple for those suffering from Alzheimer, dementia or other memory-related degenerative diseases. Dutch Studio Gerjanne van Gink created a mirror overlapping reflections with a video showing what to do every day. The design aims to humbly help out to remind morning routines.

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Kartell by Laufen 

Photo by Kartell by Laufen

Swiss bathroom outfitter Laufen teamed up with Kartell on a conceptual collection of colorful washbasins, taps and fittings, storage units, shower bases, bathtubs, lights, and accessories. The result brings the form and silhouette of Kartell’s translucent acrylic into the bathroom.

Photo by Kartell by Laufen