Lullaby Factory 01

What to do with a one metre gap between the Great Ormond Street Hospital for children and the ‘back’ of the 1930s Southwood Building? Studio Weave imagined that the Southwood Building, with its oodles of mysterious pipes and plant wasn’t really the Southwood Building, but the Lullaby Factory: a magical and hidden manufacturing interstice that releases gentle and beautiful lullabies to create a calming and uplifting environment for the young patients of the hospital.

Lullaby Factory 02

“Our aim was to re-imagine the Southwood façade as the best version of itself, accepting and celebrating its qualities and oddities. Rather than hiding what is difficult we created something unique and site-specific” Comment Studio Weave. “We have designed a fantasy landscape reaching ten storeys in height and 32 metres in length, which can engage the imagination of everyone, from patients and parents to staff, by providing an interesting and curious world to peer out onto.

Lullaby Factory 03

Aesthetically the Lullaby Factory has been inspired by a mix of an exciting and romantic vision of industry, and the highly crafted beauty and complexity of musical instruments.

Lullaby Factory 04

The Lullaby Factory by Studio Weave with Structure WorkshopAB3 Workshops and Jessica Curry. Photos: ©Studio Weave.

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Lullaby Factory 07