Do you want to tell your girlfriend that you love her? Do you need to remind you flatmate to pay the rent? Forgot to tell your father you borrowed the car? Are you tired of telling your boyfriend to put the toilet seat down?  SNAKKES by Daniel Cortazar for Northern Lighting is the LED “speaking” lamp for those who are fed up with pointles yellow post-it notes that end up on the floor.

Screenshot SnakkesIn Norwegian “Snakkes” means “talk to you later”, this wall lamp represents prerfectly the fresh and playful spirit of Northern Lighting, a creative hub where young talents work together with renown designer with a common goal: to explore through design the infinite ways of creating new lighting-moods.


Northern Lighting products are all marked by a strong Norwegian imprint that it is enriched by international collaborations; just like the one with Daniel Cortazar, conquered by the light of northern skies the young designer from Barcelona found in Olso a creative pit-stop.

Snakkes setting 02