DIAMOND watering can + GARDENING GLOVES by Garden Glory - Photo via IG by @missgardenglory

7 stylish urban gardening designs. DIAMOND watering can + GARDENING GLOVES by Garden Glory – Photo via IG by @missgardenglory

Design – Spring is in the air, but not so much for city dwellers unless they live by a park. We selected 7 urban gardening designs with a quirky and design-thinking approach boosting the bloom in their living room or on their balcony.

Building Spring, one balcony at a time

Bacsac© of various shapes and colours - Photo via IG by @bacsac

Photo via IG by @bacsac

The city is a garden. Let’s plant every crook and cranny.” This is the motto of the Parisian brand Bacsac® that creates breathable double-walled planters for the home and the terrace combining function, durability, beauty and plant wellbeing. The planters’ inner layer holds and protects the roots thanks to a geotextile felt. The sturdy and tear-proof canvas outer layer resists abrasion and temperature variations. Whether you hang them from the ceiling or arrange them on the terrace, the designs are 100% biodegradable.

Petit tools for great balconies

ORTE by Giulio iacchetti x Internoitaliano - Photo via IG by @internoitaliano.

Photo via IG by @internoitaliano.

Orte is the gardening kit designed by Giulio Iacchetti for Iternoitaliano. It comprises a hoe, a rake and a small shovel, all in varnished metal. The set comes with a cedar base where they can be stored away when the job’s done. Orte is a +8.600 city in central Italy. “The name is a tribute to minor Italians towns and villages that are rarely celebrated, but nonetheless are just as real and representative of our suffused and authentic identity.”

A multi-tasking Swiss-ish tool

POCKET PRUNER MULTI USE by Kikkerland© - Photo by Kikkerland.

Photo by Kikkerland.

Kikkerland© has recently launched a complete gardening collection ranging from vases to birdhouses. We particularly liked the multi-tasking scissors that could be the son of a pocket pruner that fell in love with a Swiss knife. Unfold this handsome beechwood tool for pruning garden plants, and use the remaining tools for household tasks.

Glamorous dirty nails

GARDENING GLOVES by Garden Glory - Photo via IG by @missgardenglory.

Photo via IG by @missgardenglory.

Garden Glory® is a Swedish brand creating gardening accessories for glamorous people with dirty nails. Their hoses and hose-holders resemble prêt-à-porter bags. Their watering can are diamond-shaped… “but if you wish to treat your hands with some respect once in a while, use our gardening gloves while digging in your soft, rich soil. Our gold, silver, pink and black gloves have a stretchy and soft comfort for extraordinary and stylish garden work.”

Plant-watering is an attitude

Botanical Family Watering Can - Photo by HAY.

Photo by HAY.

Danish brand HAY expands its Botanical Family collection with a watering can by Shane Schneck. With a clean, handle-free design and elongated spout for easy watering, the new watering can is a durable and timeless object with interesting design proportions. Made in weatherproof plastic, the design is available in different colours.

The Brutalist Garden Gnome

NINO Brutalist garden gnome by Pellegrino Cucciniello x Plato_Design - Photo via IG by @plato_design.

Photo via IG by @plato_design.

Meet Nino, the new quirky fella designed by Pellegrino Cucciniello for Plato Design. He doesn’t come with his typical flashy red hat or old blue robe but with an unexpected brutalist look. “Wishing to own a garden gnome is no longer a taboo.” Designed from cement-made geometric abstractions, the gnome is happy in the garden and proudly makes its way to the lounge and the living room.

Shining on better chances… with a rake

SE PRENDRE UN RATEAU by Lucas Lorigeon - Photo via IG by @lucaslorigeon.

Photo via IG by @lucaslorigeon.

Se prendre un râteauliterally walking on a rake – is the French equivalent of being turned down in matters of love or sex. From here, young French designer Lucas Lorigeon devised a playful, portable lamp that shines only if you walk on it, lift it or carry it around. Maybe not the best achievement of your spring plan in terms of conquests. Still better than walking on rakes. Beware!