Maison Veuve Clicquot LA GRANDE DAME 2015 collection - Courtesy of Veuve Clicquot.

Milan Design Week Foodies Guide 2023. Veuve Clicquot LA GRANDE DAME 2015 collection – Courtesy of Veuve Clicquot.

Design – Bar Basso celebrates the 55th anniversary of the iconic cocktail Negroni Sbagliato, Ukrainian designer Dinara Kasko showcases architectural 3D-modeled cakes, and digital agriculture meets the kitchen of the future. Taste with your eyes, admire with your palate and check our Milan Design Week Foodies Guide 2023. 

Bar Basso celebrates the 55th anniversary of the Negroni Sbagliato

Via Plinio 39, [Map].
Bar Basso - courtesy of Bar Basso

Photo by Bar Basso.

Every design week, Bar Basso is the convivial destination where designers flock to grab the last drink and share their day with colleagues and friends. This year, the Triennale Design Museum featured the historic bar in the exhibition on the history of Italian design while its signature cocktail Negroni Sbagliato – vermouth, Campari, and Prosecco – turns 55. Like if there weren’t enough reasons to raise those iconic gigantic glasses.

LA GRANDE DAME Gallery by Veuve Clicquot

April 17-23, 11-20. Via Castel Fidardo 2, [Map].
Maison Veuve Clicquot LA GRANDE DAME 2015 collection - Courtesy of Veuve Clicquot.

Courtesy of Veuve Clicquot.

Champagne Veuve Clicquot celebrates La Grande Dame millesimé 2015 with a collection of coffrets designed by Italian designer Paola Paronetto. The French Maison has transformed Michell Leo’s space into the LA GRANDE DAME Gallery, where to discover the new designs, meet the artist and toast to Veuve Cliquot’s ultimate bubbly achievements at the Clicquot Café. Bottoms up!

Edible design from Ukraine

April 18-23, h. 11-20. Via Festa del Perdono 2, [Map].
Photo by Dinara Kasko.

Photo by Dinara Kasko.

The CONTINUUM exhibition brings together five Ukrainian creatives who narrate their own personal idea of the future through their work and personal experience. EDIBLE ART is the slogan of Dinara Kasko, a pastry chef from the destroyed Kharkiv city in Ukraine. Inspired by her architectural past, she utilizes 3D-modeling technologies to create special geometric silicone cake moulds. In Milan, Dinara shares her journey and answers the question: how does the future taste?

The Manzoni by Tom Dixon

Via Manzoni 5, [Map].
THE MANZONI restaurant and showroom by Tom Dixon in Milan - Photo by Tom Dixon.

Photo by Tom Dixon.

Tired of setting up pop-up exhibitions every year, British designer Tom Dixon wanted to set foot permanently in Milan with a space that was more than a showroom. This is how The Manzoni restaurant was born. The gourmet bistro doubles as a shop, showroom, and meeting space for business and pleasure. The Manzoni is a theatrical backdrop for the best of Italian food and British design. Book in advance.

Design mixology, according to Giorgio Armani

April 18-23. Via Alessandro Manzoni 31, [Map].
Giardini all'italiana cocktail by Giorgio Armani/Bamboo Bar - Courtesy of Giorgio Armani.

Courtesy of Giorgio Armani.

For the first time, Giorgio Armani opens the doors of Palazzo Orsini, its historic headquarters building, to showcase the ultimate collection of Armani Casa. On the occasion, the Armani/Bamboo Bar presents a design cocktail collection comprising six drinks inspired by a journey through the building and its ‘secret garden.’ In the Giardini all’italiana cocktail, the zesty flavours of fresh mint, marjoram and rosemary blend with gin, vermouth, a marjoram and rosemary syrup, and pink grapefruit soda.

Digital agriculture meets the kitchen of the future

April 18, h. 10-18. April 19-23, h10-19. Via Manzoni 47, [Map].
Showroom of Signature Kitchen Suite - Photo by Signature Kitchen Suite.

Photo by Signature Kitchen Suite.

The Signature Kitchen Suite showroom is hosting an immersive tour that explores the most innovative practices in digital agriculture to give food a better, more sustainable future, in line with the True to Food philosophy. The experience is completed with tastings of foods and beverages selected by Italian food producers already testing the technologies presented and coordinated by the Italian National Research Council (NRC), which aim for higher food quality, greater consumer safety, and lesser quality wasting of resources.

Japanese Tea Ceremony with Grand Seiko

April 17-23. Via Palermo 16, [Map].
Tea ceremony - ©Grand Seiko.

©Grand Seiko.

As the official timekeeper of Brera Design District, Japanese luxury watchmaker Grand Seiko explores the value of time with the Alive in Time experiential space hosting Ikebana and origami workshops, a temporary store, artistic performances, an exhibition, and a zen garden. In a dedicated room set with traditional furniture, visitors can experience an authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Café Cabana Giacomo

April 18-23, h. 10-20.30. Via Sant’Andrea 6, [Map].
Caffe Cabana Giacomo - Courtesy of Giacomo Milano.

Courtesy of Giacomo Milano.

At Palazzo Morando, in the heart of Milan’s fashion district, Cabana Magazine and Giacomo Milano joined forces to create a temporary café where every detail speaks design with a posh accent. Patterned tablecloths and multicolour plates add joy and style all day, from breakfast to the aperitif. Book in advance.

The whimsical Design Gin Garten by Monkey 47

April 18-23, h.19-23. Via Gaetano de Catilla 19, [Map].
Monkey 47 @ Milan Design Week 2023 - Photo by Monkey 47.

Photo by Monkey 47.

As the main sponsor of Isola Design District, the irreverent Black Forest dry gin Monkey 47 transforms the park under Stefano BBoeri’sVertical Forest skyscrapers into a design Gin Garten where to taste cocktails by some of Milan’s top bartenders. Upcycled outdoor furniture, quirky murales, an urban jungle design exhibition, gigs, and dj-set. 

Campari Soda hangs out with bunnies and giraffes

April 18-23, h.19-00. Via Gaetano de Castilla 26, [Map].
Photo via IG by @camparisoda_official.

Photo via IG by @camparisoda_official.

Campari Soda takes over Stecca 3.0 for drinks and live music until midnight at Isola Design District. The Italian aperitif brand also teams up with Italian design brand Qeebo that reinterprets its quirky design fauna, including giraffes in love, bunnies, and turtles with the brand’s iconic design [via Crocifisso 27, Map].

Gourmet bites at Alcova

April 17-23, h. 10-19. Viale Molise 62, [Map].
Alcova 2023 - Photo by Federico Floriani.

Photo by Federico Floriani.

Set in an abandoned abattoir, ALCOVA is the top destination for indie design. This year, the organisers teamed up with Tuorlo Magazine to guarantee gourmet pit stops at the Materials Bar and Bar Galleria. Space Caviar designed them in collaboration with Finnish material platform Habitarematerials/Nemo Architects, and Canadian brand A-N-D, respectively. The lounge bars’ menus tune with Alcova’s smart attitude, refined style, and sustainable commitment. Natural wines, beers, and signature cocktails complete the culinary experience. Tuorlo also co-curated a vibrant food court in collaboration with entrepreneurs Alessandro Longhin e Victoria Small of A Small Food Company.

‘A Fuoco Lento’ temporary restaurant

April 18-23, h.20.30. Via Privata Gradisca 18, [Map].
A FUOCO LENTO temporary restaurant - Photo by @stellabortoliphotographer via @morelmilano.

Photo by @stellabortoliphotographer via IG @morelmilano.

Morel Milano joins Tipografia Alimentare, presenting A Fuoco Lento, a four-handed culinary project. The temporary restaurant portrays a simple philosophy made of research and passion that brings cooking back to its origins thanks to an effective tool: the grill, one of the oldest cooking methods that will be designed and built for the occasion. Far from the Milanese frenzy, A Fuoco Lento proposes a mainly vegetable-based cuisine with a great love for meat that will rhythm an intimate, light, and grilled experience within Morel architecture.