VESTRE is a Norwegian company that developes and produces outdoor and urban furniture for public and private use. ICON bench has been created by Eker Design Studio, a team with a solid expertise in designing race cars and speed boats. Indeed, ICON bench shows off the imprint of the world of engines expressing at the same time a new vision of public space. 

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Carbon and glass fiber, stainless steel and glossy varnished aluminium are the unconventional materials of this product that can be placed indoor but also outdoor. Indeed, this wearproof bench has been tested for freezing Norwegian winters. ICON comes in red, yellow, white and black and it is available both with legs and with a thin longitudinal pedestal. On top of that, it is also possible to install led lights at the edges so that ICON outperform all the other average benches.

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“Great design creates great places”. This is VESTRE’s motto. The attention for new materials and a playful design lead the company to collaborate with important Norwegian industrial designers. The will to promote a eco-sustainable culture is confirmed by the Vestre Quality Programme™ that won many times the prestigious Award for Design Excellence of Norwegian Design Council.


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Photos – by VESTRE