We read much eco-cities and sustainable urban plans in Northern Europe or Canada at the point that we came to believe that Middle and Far east cities were the ones that didn’t really commit that deeply into green issues. Luckly first signs of change are in sight: NEW URBAN ECOLOGIES, the exhibition at Spazio FMG curated by Luca Molinari, pays respect to this change and shows some of the most interesting projects in new cities and districts in China, Korea, Vietnam and UAE that  can be considered the XXI century heirs of Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City by, Le Corbusier’s Ville Radieuse, or Chandigarth, Abuja e Guyana districts in Brazilia. Foster & Partners, KPF Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates and SOM worked on these new urban areas that will most probably define our future way of living the present.

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The projects:

Masdar City

(near Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates)

Project by Foster & Partners – 2007-ongoing

Masdar City _ Foster & Partners 01Masdar City _ Foster & Partners 02Situated near Abu Dhabi, Masdar City project by Foster & Partners is part of a wider research program promoted by United Arab Emirates government that aims to develop and optimise renewable energy. “We wanted to combine contemporary technologies with the Arabic traditions of settling and crreating a new community in the desert. Our goal was to create an zero-impact solution” Comment Foster & Partners “the Masdar city project is designed to promote pedestrial mobility thanks to an in-the-shade network of street and court-yards and to a zero-emission trasportantion system we created”. The city is divided in two main areas divided by a linear park. Work are still in progress.

masdarcity.ae  – http://www.fosterandpartners.com


Meixi Lake

(Changsha, China)

Project by KPF Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates – 2010-TBC

Meixi Lake KPF 01 Meixi Lake KPF 02Meixi Lake masterplan aims to estabilish a new model of living in connection with Nature. The high density urban plan is enriched by a wide variety of different types of buildings for different functions and use that integrate with mountains, parks, lakes and canals. This level of diversification defines an enviromental context that promotes a both healthier and wealthier lifestyle” Comment KPF Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates.

The city develops around a central lake inspired by Central Park urban function. Water transportation runs along ship canals that cross Meixi Lake spreading and defining residential districts divided in eight clusters, each of them guests institutional, cultural and commercial structures. The spider-web like plan that spread from the central lake allows to shorten distances lowering the impact of traffic pollution but it also allows  to irrigate urban agriculture areas and optimise the wastewater system.



Golden Hills

(Danang, Vietnam)

Project by SOM – 2011-TBC

som 01som 02 Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLP – SOM has designed a master plan for a sustainable residential community to the north of Danang looks to set a new benchmark for ecologically-sensitive development in Vietnam. The plan covers an area of 375 hectares along the Cu De River and incorporates a wide range of uses organized into a series of distinct districts.

The plan addresses the site’s critical flood risk environment through a series of forward-looking storm water strategies which preserve existing watercourses and the natural landscape character of the site. SOM’s Master Plan expands and reinforces the local green character of Danang and establishes a new waterfront ecopark which will be designed to restore, protect and enhance the wildlife habitat along 2.7km of river frontage. This open space is extended into a wider park network of linear greenways for recreation and stormwater management. This park system assists in managing flood control, preventing rainwater runoff into surrounding areas, filtering and cleansing grey water and providing a source for irrigating future landscape areas” Comment SOM.



Songdo Master Plan

(near Seoul – South Korea)

Project by KPF Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates – 2006-ongoing

Songdo KPF 01Songdo_KPF 02 Songdo is not far Seoul downtown and close to Incheon International Airport aims to become one of the most important business center worldwide. The city takes advantage of the tested CIsco smart softwares stystem in order to grant the higher level con connectivity to its inhabitants. In 2015 Songdo will guest 80.000 on a 610 hectars area becoming the wider and more relevant real estate venture promoted by a private investor.

This waterfront master plan includes a diverse array of programmatic elements and is designed to be a pedestrian friendly city with walkable streets and an urban density that allows for an active street life.The residential portion of the plan will include buildings ranging from 4 to 65 stories providing over 20,000 high-quality living units for 60,000 residents. The residential neighborhoods have large green areas and all parking is below grade. A new 100-acre recreational park” Comment KPF Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates.



Photos, Courtesy of Spazio FMG – www.spaziofmg.com