Runaway lamp by Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc is a remedy for nomadic hearts that combats technology, conventions and assumptions  bringing back the intimate pleasure of isolation. Nika Zupanc Runaway Lamp 00Thanks to its glossy surface and its small, foldable, almost fairy-tale form, Runaway lamp is the perfect companion for romantic creatures on the run and takes you on an emotional adventure the very minute you lay eyes on it. Indeed, the manual mechanism invite us to get away from it all – whether that is a failed romance or our culture’s obsession with all things digital. NIka Zupanc Runaway lamp 03This diminutive object breaks the rules of contemporary traveling, bringing back the romance of isolation. In its basic function a portable lamp now becomes an enchanting companion but also a real saviour in the event of an electricity shortage. NIka Zupanc Runaway lamp 01Winding a brass key like an old-style toy, a connected dynamo powers a LED light. Runaway Lamp works an antidote to the digital age its primary source of energy is a wind-up key. Runaway lamp was expertly designed so it can be smoothly folded into its glossy shade and used as a flashlight. Or as an inspiring call to action. NIka Zupanc Runaway lamp – Photos © Nika Zupanc