Every year Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair invites established designers to create a lounge installation at the entrance of the main hall. Protagonist of 2014 edition is GamFratesi studio: the reknowned Danish-Italian design duo blends different cultural backgrounds and created an perfectly balanced a welcome settee to the fair. –


Established in 2006, GamFratesi Design Studio was was born from a meeting of minds: Stine Gam, born in Denmark and Enrico Fratesi, from Italy. “We wish to create a display where the space is divided in a surprising way allowing visitors to find intimate spaces to work, to meet or simply rest,” explain the designers.

chariot gam fratesi casamania

Chariot is a side table created for Casamania and composed of three simple elements: wheels, trays and structure. The wheels, which in common trolleys are usual of small dimension, are redimensioned and are becoming the central element of the project, giving the trolley an iconic and unique expression. A standard profile in silicone is insert in the wheel protecting and optimizing the movement. The curve on the upper part of the metal structure is working as handle, and lifting slightly by the handle the trolley is easy to move around.

baffi swedese gamfratesi 1

Baffi is an unconventional broom designed for Swedese. In Baffi, mustaches in Italian, the handle-stick becomes a hole that gives aesthetic value of the object when it’s out of use on top of that the hole has surprising functionality in becoming a hook. The brush comes in natural horsehair combined with a minimum percentage of synthetic fibres to keep rigid that are inserted in a piece of solid ash.

 rewrite gampratesi ligne roset

Rewrite desk for Ligne Roset manages commit industriosity with privacy. The idea behind this working-bubble began as a study of the desktop and especially an atmosphere and feeling we believe is needed even in the middle of an accelerating communication and technology. Rewrite is a concentration shield that can work as a satellite desk anywhere. It is an alternative private base in the group without being a denial of it. In the table functional elements have been integrated as a white lacquered metal box, which is attached under the table in order to hide cables and transformers, and the cable exit in the tabletop is white lacquered too. The screen is upholstered and covered with textile because of its visual and acoustic characteristics. Rewrite has a cave-like shape that creates a secure and intimate sphere, which partially closes out disturbing light and sounds. Indeed it has a doublesided acoustic function that protects against noise from the outside as well as from the inside.

Photos: courtesy of GamFratesi, Stockholm Furniture Fair, Ligne Roset, CasaMaina and Swedese. – – – –