Kinnasand launches the new UNI/VERSE – Woven Poetry collection by creative director Isa Glink. With markedly tactile textures and subtle colours, this poetry-infused textile collection offers a new interpretation of material experience in our digital times.

“Our world is becoming increasingly virtual”, says Kinnasand’s creative director Isa Glink. “With UNI/VERSE, we have designed a textile collection featuring unexpected visual and tactile qualities that reintroduce the notion of experiencing a fabric. It was important to me that this collection would reveal the poetry of material.”

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Comprising thirty-four different textiles, the curtain collection combines the poetic clarity of nordic design with the elegance of high-quality weaving. The different designs are marked by flowing colour transitions, dynamic forms and subtle monochrome shades. The UNI/VERSE collection is designed to experience the tactile qualities of textiles. The beauty of colour nuances, the interaction of light and movement and the fascinating combination of texture and material create textiles with a distinct sensual quality.


Differently constructed yarns and different weaving techniques combine to create designs that display seemingly opposite qualities such as lustre and mattness, transparency and density, stillness and movement. The structures and textures form a whole.


For more than 200 years, Kinnasand has produced unique textiles and carpets of the highest quality standards. The brand stands for clear nordic design that creates a subtle difference in the contemporary home.


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