Burning Man 2017 - Photo by @oliverkoletzki, IG.

Burning Man 2017 – Photo by @oliverkoletzki, IG.

Burning Man 2017 – Archipanic picked 8 mesmerizing architectures and art installations which ask to be worshipped, glimmer and stand against the sands of Nevada Black Rock Desert. The most eccentric festival of all will run until September 4 mesmerizing burners committed to the motto In dust we trust.

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Temple od Awareness - Photo by @leahwanders, IG.

Temple od Awareness – Photo by @leahwanders, IG.

Themed Radical Rituals, Burning Man 2017occupies the ambiguous ground that lies between reverence and ridicule, faith and belief, the absurd and the stunningly sublime” says to Archipanic the festival’s co-founder Larry Harvey. “Radical Ritual is an attempt to reinvent ritual in our post post-modern world”. Indeed, shrines hinting at a quirky new paganism, Masonic symbols and pure architectural geometries seem almost to confirm and mock any conspiracy theory.


BURNING MAN 2017 - @fannieallen, IG.

@fannieallen, IG.

The true epicenter of the festival which is doomed to burn down to his ashes is located is the heart of The Playa open area. This year, The Man is encased in his own wooden shrine named the Temple of the Golden Spike which is topped by a sharp spear. Inspired by Ancient Greece omphalos the structure represents the navel of our (wicked) world.


Burning Man 2017: The Temple - Photo by @dianaplac, IG.

Photo by @dianaplac, IG.

One of Burning Man’s main pavilions, The Temple, appears as a vast pagoda-like architecture. Composed of interlocking timber pieces, inverted pyramidal columns suggest the negative-space of a forest canopy. The project carries a strong ecological message as well. Since the building is going to be set on fire, all the wood planks come from beetle killed pines.

Burning Man 2017: The Temple - Photo by @benb_sf, IG.

Photo by @benb_sf, IG.

Indeed, The Temple aims to raise awareness on the the healing of the disruptive balance in our surrounding ecosystems. “Throughout Nevada and California almost a millions pines, oaks, and many other kinds of trees are dying in unprecedented numbers from diseases and pests such as Sudden Oak Death and pine bark beetles.” Say Marisha Farnsworth, Steve Brummond and Mark Sinclair to Archipanic.


Burning Man 2017: Temple od Awareness - Photo by @yousenyoung, IG.

Photo by @yousenyoung, IG.

The Utah Builders Community joins Burning Man 2017 with the Temple of Awareness. According with the Radical Ritual theme, “the  pine cone shaped architecture was developed to capture the essence of a sacred space”. Upon entering one of the 13 entrances, burners are greeted by an open interior defined by a series of shrinking concentric circles soaring overhead. A central altar and an acoustic chandelier reiterate the geomancy principles of the main structure.


Temple od Gravity - Photo by @archipanic, IG.

Gravity is the the only force we can truly have faith in” says Zachary Coffin who designed this sanctuary composed of 60-foot diameter steel dome with 5 arms. Each of them supports a suspended granite stone slab weighing 15.000 pounds which is anchored by a granite base slab.


Charon Spinning wheel - Photo by by Gerald Oskoboiny.

Photo by by Gerald Oskoboiny.

Inspired by Charon, the mythological demon carrying recently departed souls across the Hades river, Peter Hudson created a gigantic 30′ spinning wheel celebrating the ritual of passage to the afterlife. The steel, aluminum, and wood zoetrope structure features 20 animated skeletons mounted on its inner edge. When the wheel is activated by burners, the skeletons seem come alive creating an kinetic animation across the desert scape.


Burning Man 2017: Electric Renaissance - Photo by @sive99, IG.

Photo by @sive99, IG.

Artist Keith Muscutt paid tribute to the Cadillac Ranch famous art installation featuring a series of painted Cadillacs emerging from the sands of Texas. At Burning Man a wooden Cadillac springs from Nevada Black Rock Desert. “The Electric Renaissance  project symbolizes the demise of the dinosaurs that brought the American automobile industry to the brink of extinction. After a transformational journey through the bowels of earth, the emergence of the nose-section of a zero-emissions Cadillac hints at a environmentally-friendly vehicles”.


Burning Man 2017: Phoenix Rising - Photo by @gokilogear, IG.

Photo by @gokilogear, IG.

The mythical bird known for raising from its ashes just like the Burning Man festival itself, inspired Nicholas Palmer to craft a large sculpture of a phoenix made up of many different sizes and types of wood. The bird has got outstretched wings like it is trying to take off and rise above the Playa.


Burning Man 2017: Aluna - Photo by @mnourali, IG.

Photo by @mnourali, IG.

Inspired by the chants, cosmology and wisdom of the Arhuacos Colombian tribe, the specular architecture of the Aluna temple seems to sit on its own reflection. Upon entering, two swings invite burners to find counterweight in a partner and engage in a game of balance and trust. Pre-hispanic melodies converge with an experimental soundscape.

Burning Man 2017: The Man - Photo by BLM Nevada - CC BY 2.0.

Burning Man 2017: The Man – Photo by BLM Nevada – CC BY 2.0.

Burning Man 2017: Phoenix Rising - Photo by Curtis Simmons - CC BY 2.0.

Burning Man 2017: Phoenix Rising – Photo by Curtis Simmons – CC BY 2.0.