Burning Man 2017 shines - Tree of Ténéré - Photo by @mastahnick IG.

Burning Man 2017 shines – Tree of Ténéré – Photo by @mastahnick, Instagram (IG).

Burning Man 2017 shines. From dusk till down the ephemeral desert metropolis of Black Rock City, NV hardly sleeps. A dreamy and in wonderland vibe gives space to a carnival of neons, fans of beams and psychedelic desert clubs while flashy mutant vehicles drive across thePlaya. Check the most eclectic and mesmerizing light-design shows in town.

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Burning Man 2017 - Tree of Tenere - Photo by @ _killerwhalen_ IG

Photo by @ _killerwhalen_, IG.

According to a legend, in the Ténéré region of Southern Sahara desert a solitary tree magically emerged from the barren sands becoming a ceremonial gathering place for traders and travelers as well a sacred venue for rituals and rest. Nearly four stories tall, the Ténéré Tree features hyper-realistic hand painted branches and over 25.000 LED leaves that responds to sounds, voices movements and biorhythm. Ténéré Tree is activated by live collaborations with DJs, dancers, choirs and pianists but also yoga classes and burners free inspirational moves.


Burning Man 2017 - Tesla coils @ Sextant theme camp - Photo by Curtis Simmons CC

Photo by Curtis Simmons, Creative Commons (CC).

At SEXTANT theme camp, a team of scientists, makers and designers bring a feast of science and engineering at Burning Man. Two Tesla coils,  electrical resonant transformer circuits mounted on of masts produce high-voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating-current electricity that looks like lightning from across the Playa.


Burning Man 2017: Aqueous by Jen Lewin Studio - Photo by jenlevstudio

Photo by @jenlevstudio, IG.

Inspired by the evolution of symmetry in natural systems, Jen Lewin Studio created Aqueous, an interactive landscape of meandering pathways of light. Composed of hundreds of independent yet connected modular platforms the responsive installation is not controlled from a single computer, router, or graphic system, but instead from the raw code that can process human interaction on each of module.


Celestial Fields @ Burning Man 2017 - Image: courtesy of Eleanor Cranke.

Courtesy of Eleanor Cranke.

Inspired by movement on the surface of the sun, the Celestial Fields responsive light-installation by British student Eleanor Cranke allows free movement and expression thanks to 610 luminous stems triggering a pulsating light animation of light springing from the sand of the desert. More…


Burning Man 2017 - Desert Eyes - Photo by @koonessofficial IG

Photo by @koonessofficial, IG.

A team of German university students of Architecture, Engineering and Computer Science developed, programmed and crafted a four meters high, walk-in dome reflecting its surrounding environment with its metallic surface. At night, The Desert Eyes installation features sound design and an interactive lightning concept cuddling burners under a pulsating blanket.


 Burning Man 2017 - Flower Tower - Photo by @hulagirlxo IG

Photo by @hulagirlxo, IG.

The 70 foot tall Flower Tower is welcomes burners under its metallic arches. Thousands of painted flowers cover almost the entire surface of the structure. At night, fire and light blow from the petals transforming the desert landmark into a psychedelic portal.


Burning Man 2017 - Photo by @trungsnaps IG

Photo by @trungsnaps, I).

But the most stunning lighting shows are yet to come. The Burning Man, The Temple and many other architectures and installations are set to burn down at the end of the festival. A sustainable and radical ritual which leaves no trace and marks the beginning of a new chapter: Burning Man 2018. Then, the temporary town of Black Rock City will rise again from its ashes like the mythical phoenix.

Burning Man 2017 - Photo by @BurningMan IG

The Man – Photo by @BurningMan, IG.