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Abitare, one of the most influent international architecture and design magazines, is being relaunched. www.abitare.it

With the Design Week hovering over Milan, a load of fruitless polemics, vain accusations and non-constructive victimism or pride seem to spring out outside and within Italian borders. Beyond this time-bomb chit-chat good news often risk to pass un-noticed.

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From september 2014, Abitare will regain its iconic identity with a strong international feel. Published Italian and English the magazine will be back after few months of uncertainty when the publisher, RCS, suspended on paper publications from march 2014.

New editor Silvia Botti describes the new magazine as “ an information tool, but also an open, international showcase that presents to the world the very best of Italian culture as a particular collection of design, technology, culture, artistic inspiration, craftsmanship and industrial production, in other words an ability to speak simultaneously a plurality of languages, something that sets us apart from everyone else”.

From left: Abitare cover, march 2014 and Abitare next cover

From left: Abitare cover, march 2014 and Abitare next cover

Despite its new focus on the international, multimedia dimension, the Abitare brand won’t forget the origins of the magazine as one of the world’s most prestigious and authoritative mouthpieces for architecture and design.

“We wishes  a great in bocca al lupo to Abitare editorial team and we look forward to read the new issue!”

Enrico Zilli – Founder & editor of ArchiPanic