Levante by Alessandro Zambelli is the set of ceramic wobbling bowls with a distinct and done-on-purpose dysfunctional shape that is compensated by a cork insertion that kind of re-calibrates a proper balance. www.alessandrozambelli.it – padiglione-italia.com

Levante by Alessandro Zambelli

Levante by Alessandro Zambelli

“In Mediterranean culture, dysfunction can be seen as the anthropological ability to find a way round, an ad hoc solution to make up for a shortcoming” comment Alessandro Zambelli. “Here, the bowls gain a new ‘stability’ from an added support or prop which holds them up. It is an instinctive gesture, not designed as the only or definitive solution. The choice of the cork – a symbol of wine in Mediterranean culture – evokes memories of the countryside and the habit of using corks to mend everyday objects for re-use.

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Levante collection debuted at the Mediterranean Dysfunction exhibition hosted by the PADIGLIONE ITALIA designer collective at Milan Design Week. Placed in Ventura Lambrate, the indi-design district with, the pavilion floats along with the strong international vibe revendicating the unpredictable creativity of Latin mind-set.

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photo: courtesy of Alessandro Zambelli and Padiglione Italia. www.alessandrozambelli.it – padiglione-italia.com

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