Los Angeles based cinematographer Tomas Koolhaas presents REM documentary, a reverence-free project against the submissive attitude towards iconic buildings. Koolhaas scouts deep into his father’s masterpieces showing a unexpected points of view on Rem’s architecture.

Architecture is often viewed from the outside, as an inanimate object represented in still imagery” says Koolhaas Jr.

The film reveals an architecture infinitely more meaningful than its iconicity. REM is not a sentimental exploration of the relationship between father and son but instead the exploration of what architecture means to those who inhabit it, and to those who create it”. Says Tomas Koolhas.

“The resulting documentary is more revealing than the generic poster image, and more evocative than the intellectual reality of architectural renderings. The audience gains a rare insight into the reality of the hidden internal life of the buildings. ‘REM’ brings the human back into architectural representation”.

rem by tomas koolhas

rem by tomas koolhas

Videos: courtesy of Tomas Koolhas – www.remdocumentary.com