7 design bottles to find under the Christmas tree. The Glenlivet Winchester collection by Bethan Gray - Photo courtesy of The Glenlivet.

7 design bottles to find under the Christmas tree. The Glenlivet Winchester collection by Bethan Gray – Photo courtesy of The Glenlivet.

Christmas – Philippe Stark’s design for Louis Roederer Champagne House and Bethan Gray’s prestigious case and bottle for The Glenlivet Scotch Whiskey are among our favourite design bottles for the festive season. Discover Janelle Monae’s women-empowering Belvedere vodka and the 100% organic EinGINe gin, fueled by the ‘80s cult for motors.

The first carbon negative vodka

Air co. vodka by Joe Ducet x Partners - Photo via IG by @aircompany.

Photo via IG by @aircompany.

Brands often brag about sustainability with fancy limited editions, by only air co. has developed the world’s most sustainable vodka, spilled into a very much neat design. The project was co-created in collaboration with JDXP – Joe Doucet x Partners; the NYC-based design team considered every aspect of sustainability to create a product that is not only carbon-neutral but also removes 1 pound of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with each bottle of alcohol that is produced.

Responsible tequila

Altos Huichol limited edition - Photo: courtesy of Altos.

Photo: courtesy of Altos.

Altos tequila launches a limited edition crafted by the endangered community of Huichol in Mexico. Faithful to its People Come First motto, the responsible brand has commissioned and employed Huichol craftsmen to decorate tequila bottles in order to support the community’s lifestyle and cultural heritage. “In collaboration with ‘Ascalapha,’ an organization which has been working to improve the lives of these vulnerable groups, we intend to help artisans achieve a daily minimum wage nine times higher of what they usually make with their work.”

Belvedere celebrates ‘A beautiful future’ for women, with Janelle Moane

Belvedere vodka A BEAUTIFUL FUTURE, Janelle Monae's limited edition - Photo via IG by @belvederevodka.

Photo via IG by @belvederevodka.

Belvedere vodka and eclectic pop star and activist Janelle Monae celebrated their shared vision for #ABeautifulFuture with a limited edition supporting gender equality and women rights. The design features a metallic collage reflecting the pure nature of the spirit as well as women’s marvelous and humble complexity.

Philippe Stark’s minimal bubbles

Brut by Philippe Stark for Louis Roederer Champagne House - Photo by Philipe Stark Network.

Photo by Philipe Stark Network.

Brut Nature is the personification of the free thinking that resulted from an encounter between the Louis Roederer Champagne House and Philippe Stark. “Brut Nature 2012 Blanc is a champagne of of daylight, action and movement, which exudes intelligence. Taut and lively, bright and elegant.” Says the designer, “Brut Nature 2012 Rosé is a mental game, a unique sensory and sentimental experience of drinking color, of drinking pink. This is a champagne of sunset.” Stark has transcribed the movement and vivacity of the wines with a humble and essential packaging.

Bringing Amalfi coast views under the Christmas tree

Photo: courtesy of Malfy gin.

Photo: courtesy of Malfy gin.

Sweet idleness is a blissful state of mind… you might best enjoy it on a stunning terrace overlooking the iconic breathtaking Amalfi coast in Southern Italy. Here the best lemons in the world grow where Italian monks have been crafting gin for almost a millennium. Flavoured gin Malfy distills the laidback Dolce Vita attitude into a premium spirit and a stylish fluo design. Malfy comes in 4 exquisite references: neat as well as lemon, grapefruit and blood orange. A promise for an unforgettable holiday?

Bethan Gray’s Scotch whisky set

7 design bottles to find under the Christmas tree. The Glenlivet Winchester collection by Bethan Gray - Photo courtesy of The Glenlivet.

Photo: courtesy of The Glenlivet.

Alain J. Winchester is the master distiller of The Glenlivet, his rare 50-year old limited-edition, single malt Scotch whisky encapsulated into a crafted bottle and case by Bethan Gray. The acclaimed British designer created a hand-stained maple case made using solid copper overlays that reflect The Glenlivet’s charred barrels and copper stills. “The mother-of-pearl inlaid and the bottle itself reflect the local freshwater pearl mussel shells indigenous to the Spey River.” Watch the video.

‘80s roaring engines-inspired gin

ENGINE gin - Photo: ©Antinori.

Photo: ©Antinori.

With its out-of-the-box look, the OIL INCLUSIVE ENGINE kit celebrates the world of cars as well as the iconic ‘80s cult for motors. The Christmas pack includes an ice bucket and glasses inspired by a riders’ attitude. EinGINe is a 100% organic gin born from the genius of entrepreneur Paolo Dalla Mora who payed homage his personal passion for a world of motors, oil tanks and races.