Violent Violent Table by Very Very gold - Photos by Alexander Lagergren.

Violent Violent Table by Very Very gold – Photos by Alexander Lagergren.

Stockholm Furniture Fair. Swedish design studio Very Very Gold presents Violent Violent Table, a modular piece of furniture that claims space and can work as a shelf as well.

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Violent Violent Table and Deep Deep chair photo Alexander Lagergren

Made in wood and rubber bands, Violent Violent Table combines design aesthetics with a customizable and modular interface,  can be constructed in a scalable and self supporting manner. The project can be built up  with stackable module units and  can be expanded infinitely. The smaller version has nine facets and fits into the larger versions.

Violent Violent Table is part of a wider “Violent Violent” collection that includes a tray, an ashtray and flat surfaces made from glass or mirror that fit perfectly the table modular concept.

Violent Violent Table by Very Very gold 2 photo Alexander Lagergren

Very Very Gold is a creative studio that breaks down, refines and reassembles: “Our work process is about finding the material’s unique qualities, look at its smallest elements and analyse it thoroughly, in order to reach beyond the predictable”.

Violent Violent Table by Very Very gold 3 photo Alexander Lagergren

The stockholm based studio is founded by the artist Farvash Razavi, with background in Chemistry and Experience Design and the designer Michel Bussien, with a background in Interior achitecture and furniture design. Everything they do revolves around reconstruction with the ambition is to create an alternate reality, where they erase the boundaries between material and life, and artificial and native.

Photo by Nandi Nobell

Photo by Nandi Nobell

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