15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs - Smarin: bOunCe CluB - Photo by Smarin.

15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs – Smarin: bOunCe CluB – Photo by Smarin.

Summer 2018 – An electricity-free jacuzzi, a portable freestanding shower and quirky seats inspired by parrots, doughnuts and kites. We selected 15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs on a mission… to tease and satisfy cravings for well-deserved idleness and bliss.

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Portable freestanding shower

15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs - Garden Shower - Photo by Tarantik & Egger.

Photo by Tarantik & Egger.

German studio Tarantik & Egger designed a delightfully simple free standing shower which can be easily carried along and assembled wherever it’s needed; be it the back garden patio, the pool or the beach. The design does not require to drill holes or fixate anything on the floor. Once assembled, the interlocking pipes create a free standing structure which comes with a connector for garden hoses. The hidden shower head produces a beautiful single-drop stream that feels like summer rain.

The quirky ‘Donut’ stool

Doughnut-inspired stool by Mikiya Kobayashi.

Japanese designer Mikiya Kobayashi brings a spark of humour and good fun by the pool with its doughnut-inspired stool. The seat is made from a soft foam filling wrapped by a weather-resistant and easily washable fabric which comes in a vivid range of colors. Read more…

ThE bOUncE clUB

15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs - Smarin: bOunCe CluB - Photo by Smarin.

Photo by Smarin.

On the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival, Nice-based studio Smarin introduced the bOUncE clUB, a dialoguing and bouncing display for the eclectic beach of The Director’s Fortnight organised by the French Directors’ Guild. Thanks to 100% cotton elastic straps, bouncy seats available in different models are designed to avoid the effects of sedentary lifestyle. The collection comprises also parasol roofs and side tables.

The Peacock chair

15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs - Peacock Chair by Kenneth Cobonpue.

Photo by Kenneth Cobonpue.

The Peacock lounge chair by Kenneth Cobonpue is a modern take on the traditional wicker chair. Like the regal bird, the design truly stands out among the flock thanks to its tall, swirling back. Bent wicker mimicking the peacock’s iridescent green and blue feather pattern adorns the chair’s back. A matching side table allows you to lounge vainly, feeling the king of the garden.

Lipstick-inspired furniture

Lipstick outdoor collection by Diabla - All images: courtesy of GandiaBlasco and Diablo.

Lipstick outdoor collection by Diabla – All images: courtesy of GandiaBlasco and Diablo.

Spanish design brand Diabla launched a good humoured outdoor furniture collection inspired by an everyday object and, at the same time, a quite fetishistic one: the lipstick. The set includes an armchair and a coffee table with a pop feel. A perfect and tongue-in-cheek solution adding an informal, daring and colourful attitude by the pool side. Read more…

Interwoven transparencies

15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs - Saba Italia - New York and Shades of Venice outdoor furniture.

Photo by Saba Italia.

With the New York outdoor furniture and the Shade of Venice dividers, Saba Italia weaves a colorful play of transparencies for the terrace. The New York seating collection by Sergio Bicego is entirely made by hand; vibrant polyethylene ropes softly cover painted a metal rod structure. The Shade of Venice dividers by Marco Zito are inspired by the colors of the Italian city, from the white stone of Giudecca to the green vegetables of the Sant’Erasmo gardens or the many shades of blue of the lagoon.

A kites-inspired collection

15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs - Aquiloni collection by Derek Castiglioni - Photo by Maria Teresa Furnari.

Photo by Maria Teresa Furnari.

Inspired by the colors and the geometries of kites, Italian outdoor space designer Derek Castiglioni created the Aquilone series featuring triangular side-tables and garden tables with tops composed of rhomboids. The pieces feature brass details and are lacquered in delicate pastel hues. The series is completed with coordinated chairs, armchairs, sunbeds and a sofa. The seats come with a cushion with a vibrant pattern tuning the designs with lush settings.

Bringing 16th century Indian architecture on the terrace

15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs - Garden Layers by Patricia Urquiola for GAN.

Photo by Gan.

Spanish textile brand Gan presents Patricia Urquiola‘s GARDEN LAYERS, a collection referencing the architecture and traditions of the Mughal Empire, which ruled India for approximately three centuries The series comprises rugs, mats, roll pillows and cushions but also a day bed and a side table. “In India I was captivated by the delicacy and harmony of Mughal architecture.” Explains Urquiola. “Gardens, terraces and miniatures inspired a collection which I intended for gardens and outdoor spaces from the very first moment.”

Parrot-inspired lounge chair

15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs - Seku by Sebastian Herkner for Moroso - Photo by Moroso.

Photo by Moroso.

The Seku lounge chair by Sebastian Herkner joins the range of outdoor products proposed in Moroso‘s M’Afrique collection. In the western-African language Wolof, Seku means ‘parrot’, and the bright colours of the bird were the inspiration for this comfortable outdoor chair. The shell of the seat appears to float until it slides into the structure. The hand-woven flashy covering and the special ruched shape of the end of the back and armrests resemble the tropical animal. An extra cushion, available on request, adds comfort and softness.

Colombian hammocks helping future families

Marni, La Vereda - Photo: © stefanocandito.com, courtesy of Marni.

© stefanocandito.com, courtesy of Marni.

Colorful hammocks and vibrant hand-woven seats. Italian fashion brand Marni launched Las Veredas, an outdoor furniture and home accessories collection paying tribute to Colombian crafts for a good cause. Veredas are small Colombian rural settlements centred around a street or a cross. Handcrafted by Colombian villagers, the the collection supports a non profit association helping kids and their future families embarking the bureaucratic hurdles of adoption and custody. Read more…

Seeking the archetype

15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs - CIRQL by Werner Aisslinger for Dedon. Photo by Werner Aisslinger.

Photo by Werner Aisslinger.

Werner Aisslinger draws on DEDON’s unique hand-weaving heritage to create CIRQL, an unmistakably fresh and new outdoor collection. Based on round, friendly shapes and a sophisticated geometric woven pattern, CIRQL manages to be both iconic and inviting. “When you design a chair,” explains Aisslinger “the highest goal is to achieve a new archetype, not too complex, that creates a natural sense of connection, as if it had somehow always been around.”

Electricity free hot-tub

15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs - Dutchtub - Photo by Weltevree.

Photo by Weltevree.

Dutch design manufacturer Weltevree presents Dutchtub a sustainable and informal jacuzzi for the garden or the terrace which brings luxury to the basics. No electricity is needed as water circulation is possible thanks to the natural flow of hot and cold water passing through a coil heated by wood. The design comfortably accommodates 4 people and is easy to move thanks to lightweight yet strong materials.

Poolside design compositions

15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs - Oasi and Giravolta - Photo by Paola Lenti.

Photo by Paola Lenti.

Francesco Rota designed OASI, Paola Lenti’s latest seating system which comes in fresh summery colours and is covered in Diade, the company’s patented thermoformed plastic material for poolsides or grassy meadows. The series’ basic element takes on different characteristics and functions, becoming a pouf, an armchair or a sectional sofa through the use of backrests and armrests with different inclinations. The collections matches with the Giravolta room divider, a screen with upholstered rotating elements and a powder-coated stainless steel structure.

 Suspended architecture of wires

15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs - Kobi chairs by Patrick Norguet for Alias. Photo by Alias.

Photo by Alias.

Patrick Norguet and Alias share a passion for technology, functionality and lightness. Is then no surprise that such values are infused into the Gran Kobi outdoor chairs. Made from steel, die-cast aluminum and polyurethane, the seats were inspired by the tradition of iron wire chairs, coming up with an elegant and light-weight structure.

Flat-packable chair

15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs - Hache chair by En Bruto - Photo by Dolores Esteve.

Photo by Dolores Esteve.

The chair is most adaptable and changing piece of furniture we have at home. From here, Argentinian studio En Bruto designed Hache, a metallic and dismountable seat expressing versatility and dynamism with its simple technology and shape. The chair is composed of 3 equal bodies building sits and backs and 2 elements building the legs. Thanks to simple joints, the pieces can be easily assembled together, flat packed and even interchanges to create different colour combinations.

15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs - Garden Shower - Photo by Tarantik & Egger.

15 vibrant outdoor furniture designs – Garden Shower – Photo by Tarantik & Egger.