Den Herder Production House, DHPH team with Ward van Gemert & Adriaan van der Ploeg of NIGHTSHOP design duo and created an iridescent collection that mixes ancient shapes and contemporary look. Made out of plastic and ceramics, the P.O.V products are vaguely reminiscent of old Chinese burial pottery with their somewhat crude glazing. www.dhph.com – www.intothenightshop.nl


When looking at them, the products give you the feeling of high-tech and low-tech at the same time. P.O.V.s  come in an endless variety of colors and patterns. ‘The chosen colors are designed to meet the shape of each product to it’s best. All three products come in an edition of ten pieces. After that, we’ll move on to another color combination.


Photo: Courtesy of Den Herder Production House, DHPH – www.dhph.com