Once upon a time an owl blinked its incandescent eyes, hooted in the stillness of the night. It softly fluttered its wings and left its home in a far away forest to visit our lands. It made its nest in a lamp…

Milan based design studio Quarch-atelier presents “c’est chouette!” a fairy-tale lamp made in hand-crafted porcelain. Rounded and smooth on the outside with a distinctive fluid shape, C’est Chouette has a magical alcove that diffuses an intimate light that nests the owl, the creature inhabiting the inside of the lamp.

“We took inspirations from fairy tales world and created a decorative lamp which opens its wings in an enchanted forest to hover over our homes and make its nest among us. The presence of the enigmatic owl hints at some mysterious thread woven into the fabric of our lives. We rush and hurry through the day but the mysterious stillness remains” Comment QUarch Atelier founders Marina Del Monaco and Simone Fumagalli. C’est chouette is both a joyful exclamation – ‘it’s brilliant!’ – and the French word for owl.

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