Design Miami 2022 Fair Exterior - Photo by James Harris.

Design Miami 2022 explores contemporary design in search of a new ‘Golden Age’

The Golden Age is the main theme of Design Miami 2022. We explored the fair and detected five trends: from ancient folklore revamp to phygital utopias.

Joseph Walsh Studio @ Design Miami/ Basel 2021 - Photo by James Harris

Design Miami/Basel 2021 rethinks the relationship between humans, nature and human nature

Design Miami/Basel 2021: Space Age-inspired parametric sofas, blackhole mirrors between the parallel universe and the antiverse and a constellation of lighting designs blooming in mid-air. We round up 12 must-see best exhibitions on show.

DesignMiami/ 2017: FENDI - Photo by James Harris

12 must-see exhibitions and installations at DesignMiami/ 2017

Cutting edge robotic printing, Shaker furniture, Space Age and Desert Modernism. DesignMiami/ 2017 is bigger in size… and less flamboyant. Did the fair sober up from last year’s extravaganza?