With Project EGG, Michiel van der Kley together with hundreds of co-creators all over the world showed a new way of creating and collaborating.

Project EGG is a poetic pavilion with an organic form and a 5 x 4 x 3 metres structure made in re-usable and biodegradable PLA. The building is composed of 4.760 open 3D-printed stones, each one’s shape unique.

05 01 project egg interior

Michiel van der Kley says: “Many small elements together form a large structure, as in the objects from nature. The possibilities of desktop 3D-printing when you see a large object as the total of many small elements are limitless”.

04 project egg floor

Also the way this object is produced is new; not by a factory but by a community. Indeed, Project EGG is the largest desktop 3d-printed co-creation art project so far.

03 project egg

During his research on the potential of the 3D-printer, Van der Kley came into contact with bloggers and digital communities all over the world and invited them to print one of the stones for Project EGG.


 At Dutch Design Week 2014,the designer wanted to use the computer for something that didn’t exist yet and combine that with the potential of 3D-printing. Since each stone has to be printed individually, it is very easy to make slight variations in each design.

06 project egg ceiling

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Project EGG’s participants received the digital version for their unique stone in which their name has been included. Additionally, it was possible to adopt a stone for a small amount of money for people who don’t own a 3D-printer, but would like to support the project.


During the next two years, Studio Michiel van der Kley wants to show the project all over the world. A tour is in the planning. Meanwhile research is ongoing.

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Photos: courtesy of Michiel van der Kley.

09 project egg ultimakers