Mesoglea Cup draws its name from the the translucent body of deep sea creatures.  Following their body plan of a transparent digestive system , this glass has a similar way of functioning.

Mesogea Cup

Its inside structure works like a mouthpiece that holds ibelow the fluid surface inserted long-drink components such as lemons or olives.  Its outer shell is designed to refract the light coming from certain angles, giving the impression of bioluminescence.

Primordial seed bowl

Imagine the origins of life. A young planet and a primordial seed seed carrying all genomes. Primordial Seed Bowl opens up offering thus two plates and resembles a seed that has the phaenotype of many species both plant and animal.


Insect Wing Pen is  a desktop accessory  for the lightness of life.  The design is inspired by a an insect wing structure and is made of two parts, which form together the ballpoint pen set.


Photos, courtesy of Alex T Schultz. www.atschulzdesign.com