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D&D Ipno 01

IPNO is the quirky table clock designed by Alessandro Zambelli for Diamantini & Domeniconi. A balancing pendulum inside the case creates a perpetual motion, transforming Ipno into a hypnotizing “rocking” object.

Ipno Piano

Ipno simple and smooth design comes in natural or pastel-lacquered birch wood. Its ironic and rascal attitude is the contemporary evolution of an emancipated pendulum clock that  has been unconstrained by the austerity of gravity and it can now wigwag  freely in the air.

D&D Ipno 02

Diamantini & Domeniconi combines the use of industrial technology and the typical “know how” of the hand-crafted production. Thanks to a creative collaboration with designers, architects, photographers and artist, the Italian company  conveys a natural and frisky attitude towards design. diamantinidomeniconi.it

Diamantini e Domeniconi

Photo: courtesy of Diamantini & Domeniconi