Moderne Gallery at Design Miami 2021 - Photo by James Harris.

Moderne Gallery at DesignMiami2021 – All photos by James Harris.

DesignDesignMiami2021 featured over 35 gallery and Curio exhibitions alongside an exciting lineup of partnerships and collaborations. Back to Pride Park, opposite the Miami Beach Convention Center, the fair’s main theme, Human Nature, focuses on how design can impact the world for the better.

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R & Company at Design Miami 2021 - Photo by James Harris.

R & Company’s booth.

Jennifer Roberts, CEO of Design Miami/, says: The 17th edition of Design Miami/ brings a myriad of reasons for celebration – from returning to our home in Pride Park to our Human Kind theme, which will look at how design can play a role in shaping the world for the better. As we continue to see the collectible design market growth in both physical and digital spaces, we’re pleased to also welcome many new members to the Design Miami/ family – galleries, curios and partners – all of which are bringing thoughtful contributions to the fair.”

Todd Merrill Studio at Design Miami 2021 - Photo by James Harris.

Todd Merrill Studio’s booth.

Wava Carpenter, Design Miami/’s incoming curatorial director, says: The practice of design, at its heart, has always aimed to create a better future. But in recent years, as the global challenges that humanity faces have approached existential proportions, the future that designers envision increasingly demands a fundamental reorientation of what it means to be human in this world, calling on all of us to become better stewards of nature and each other.”

Hostler Burrows at Design Miami 2021 - Photo by James Harris.

Hostler Burrows’ booth.

All photos by James Harris – Courtesy of Design Miami/.

Tuleste Factory Curio at Design Miami 2021 - Photo by James Harris.

Tuleste Factory’s Curio exhibition.