Abacà, rattan and pineaple fibres are just some of the natural materials that give shape to flamboyant lighting and furniture. Anemons e dragons light up magical design objects that respect local folklore and local natural resources. CITEM with the multi-awarded designer Kenneth Cobonpue and design icon Antonio “Budji” Layug brought to Euroluce in Milan the best of Philipin design with its unique olistic approach.

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HIVE is a creative and sustainable hub captained by maestro Kenneth Cobonpue that hosts a pool of artists and designers that work and live under the same roof. Amongst the new hand-made and 100% local collections, light-design objects inspired by nature. www.designbyhive.com

CSM Philippines realizes precious hand-made Bone China home-ware and lightings. Obtained with bones ashes, Bone China is a exclusive material  that has always been symbol of prestige and nobleness. It can be moulded into very thin layers and, when it’s lit from behind, it shines of a pure and translucent candour. www.csmphilippines.com

The social responsibility company TADECO undertakes community development programs for its workers and their families. Over the years, TLTC has grown from base of 20 dependents to more than 300 workers, highly trained in making export-quality handicrafts from indigenous materials. http://tadecohandicrafts.weebly.com

INDUSTRIA romanticizes steel, tempers it to evoke lightness and grace in a chair, a table, or a body mirror. The collection is a resultant of a creative collaboration between Jude Tiotuico and Eric Paras. The result is a delightful and deceptively whimsical collection of furniture exuding elegance by its scale, form and creative manipulation of materials. www.industriahome.com

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KALIKASAN CRAFTS precious hand-made home-ware and lightings and distributes worldwide thatnks to a strong network in Europe, Usa, Canada and Australasia. After relevant participation at international trade-fairs, Kalikasan Crafts presents the new collections in Italy for the first time. www.kalikasancrafts.com

TRIBOA BAY LIVING is a furniture and lighting brand that mixes classic forms with a pared-down contemporary sensibility. Wood is the primary material in raw finishes that evoke a warm, casual and resort-like ambience. Sometimes counterpointed in steel components in industrial forms, the design ranges from rectilinear and modern to traditional French and English country. www.triboabayliving.com

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