Concept workspace design by PearsonLloyd and Teknion - All photos: courtesy of PearsonLloyd.

Concept workspace design by PearsonLloyd and Teknion – All photos: courtesy of PearsonLloyd.

Office Design. British studio PearsonLloyd teamed with Canadian workplace company Teknion to explore new design paths in office furniture. The new collection comprises a love seat, coat racks and tabletop accessories. All pieces are designed to improve collaboration or to balance the privacy and workspace of each employee.

Tabletop by PearsonLloyd.


Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd founders of the London based studio say “Furniture provides a wonderful canvas to talk about people. The new collection brings together the issues of a healthy and more humane workplace and expresses ideas of well- being and collaboration found in the contemporary workplace”.

Love seat by PearsonLloyd.

Love seat.

The Love Seat features two chairs jointed on a corner and facing each other. The seat “pushes the boundaries of intimacy” and works as the smallest meeting space. The physical closure of the guests sitting almost in front of each other in a non aggressive position facilitate eye contact and dialogue.

Love seat by PearsonLloyd.

With High Table PearsonLloyd condensed a table, a seat and a coat rack into one simple object. The furniture creates a simple touchdown space for a single worker and conveys a sense of personal space as well.

High-table by PearsonLloyd.


Hat Rack expresses the idea of mobility. Nest vessels and Tray tabletop accessories convey a truly healthy workplace through the sharing of fresh fruit, a jug of water, and a flower vase alongside the omnipotence of technology.

Tabletop by PearsonLloyd.

Materials are intentionally exposed in a raw and expressive form to help balance the growing power of technology.

Hat-rack by PearsonLloyd.


We’re not just interested in the form and technical performance of an object, we’re interested in what happens around the object; how it can potentially shift behaviour and the way we do things” say at PearsonLloyd.

Tabletop by PearsonLloyd.

The London studio teamed with Teknion to investigate design concepts that embody humanistic principles and the key narratives of Ethonomics. These pieces address shared collaborative space and show also the craft of Teknion’s manufacturing process.

Tabletop by PearsonLloyd.

Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson explain the concept design of the collection:

All photos, pictures and videos: courtesy of PearsonLloyd and Teknion.

Tabletop by PearsonLloyd.