Digitally Reversed: online design in Milan

Milan 2016 – In a world that seems to get digitalised all the way through… Milan Design Week proved that the analogue “hand-shake” still makes sense. And that comes from almost all the online design platforms that actually set a non-digital foot in town. From AirBnb to eBay, ArchiProducts and Houzz. We paid a visit, and here’s what they said to us!

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Digitally Reversed: online design in Milan

AirBnb teamed with curator Ambra Medda and interior designer Katie Lockhart to transform Ristorante Marta in Spazio Rossana Orlandi into a convivial place where people could meet. “The project called Makers & Bakers represents a meeting place for international people but also a refuge where it is possible to re-energize” Said Ambra Medda in a statement.

AirBnb Milan 2016 Instagram @Lynse85

AirBnb at Milan DW 2016 – Photo by @Lynse85 – Instagram.

25 international designers were commissioned to create products that enhanced the rituals of eating/living together and befriend which are at the core of AirBnb philosophy. The designers proposed many projects related to the hand-making and crafting.

AirBnb Milan 2016 Instagram @Meltinbutterdotcom

AirBnb at Milan DW 2016 – Photo by @Meltinbutterdotcom – Instagram.

ArchiProducts opened its first co-net-working design space in via Tortona 31. A design apartment where people can find inspiration and information. “At Milan Design Week you can find everybody in the design supply chain and you can maximise interaction and visibility in short time and even conveniently” says executive editor Enzo Maiorano to ArchiPanic.“But we went beyond the simple marketing operation as we are working on a larger project focused on quality Content”.

ArchiProducts in Milan 2016

ArchiProducts at Milan DW 2016 – Photo: courtesy of ArchiProducts.

After the Design Week ArchiProducts will phisically stay in Milan with a design-apartment that works as a meeting place for professionals. The project integrates our online services, here professionals will manage to interact in person. The value of the physical contact between people is stronger then a web interaction”.

ArchiProducts in Milan 2016

ArchiProducts at Milan DW 2016 – Photo: courtesy of ArchiProducts.

ArchiProducts presented also the Yellow House. Visitors could discover SayDuck augmented reality softwares and apps and even create 3D videos and virtual showrooms.

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International platform debuted in Milan after one year since it landed in Italy. Based in Palo Alto, the company connects house owners and professionals. At Fuorisalone visitors of their Glass House could discover Houzz app while professionals could learn how to make their profile more efficient.

Our participation in Milan reflects the human-based concept behind Houzz. Indeed, we combine technology and human interaction without invading the way the market has been working for many years. Once we in contact the professional with his client, the platform moves aside and let them work together without imposing lower bid auctions”.

Houzz at Milan DW 2016 - Courtesy of Houzz

Houzz at Milan DW 2016 – Courtesy of Houzz.

In Milan, eBay celebrated the magic of making with an exhibition focused on DIY. Unusual creations like a vintage fridge turned into a bookcase and a memphys-looking puppet-home referred to the growing trend of home-made furniture that now sees one product sold every 29 seconds, just on

EBAY LAB _Teatrino per Marionette

We are a big community made of people for the people. Our core message is “Human Touch” and Milan Design Week is the perfect occasion to meet our public and explain what there is behind the screen”. Says to ArchiPanic Iryna Pavlova, Communication Manager of eBay Italy.

EBAY Lab at Milan 2016

EBAY Lab at Milan Design Week – Courtesy of EBAY.