Missoni Home tableware

Missoni Home tableware.

Missoni Home tableware collections expand the collaboration between Missoni and the historical porcelain manufacturer Richard Ginori 1735. The new series feature black&white flowers’ graphisms and explosive multicolor floral designs that enrich the flamboyant tableware collection of the Italian fashion house.

Missoni Home tableware - Bianconero.

Missoni Home – Bianconero Tableware.

A symphony of floral graphic designs and optical waves decorates the BIANCONERO (black and white) service. The result is an elegant table service with a playful and refined feel and a geometric camouflage. The Bianconero designs are also availabe in red.

Missoni Home tableware - Red & White.

Missoni Home – Red & White tableware.

MARGHERITA collection features a kaleidoscopic floral pattern. Multicoloured wave motifs create a playful design on some important pieces. The bowls and plates echo the base colours of the décor with unified shaded effects: pink, lime green, aniseed, tamarind, raspberry and lemon. All pieces are edged in platinum.

Missoni Home tableware . Margherita.

Missoni Home . Margherita tableware.

Presented and Maison Objet 2015, the collections completed the Missoni-RichardGinori 1735 debut featuring the ZIGZAG collection. On that occasion, the iconic Missoni motifs and 2014 autumn winter collections were reinterpreted with a game of concentric zigzag lines and multicolour shades.

Missoni Home tableware - Zig Zag.

Missoni Home – Zig Zag tableware.

The Missoni Home – Richard Ginori 1735 project was born in collaboration with Alla Carta, a style magazine that explores commom paths between fashion, and and food coulture..

Furnishing my way means creating a habitat that’s ordered yet informal, versatile and welcoming. It must evoke emotions and curiosity, it has to become an oasis of colours and moods, a snug shell full of appealing, unusual elements in out-of-the-mould arrangements” Says Rosita Missoni.

Missoni Home tableware.

Missoni Home tableware.

Founded in almost three centuries agou by the Marquis Carlo Ginori, Richard Ginori 1735 is one of the most antique porcelain manufacturer in Italy – Photos: courtesy of Missoni.