Optical - Photo by Luke Hayes. Courtesy of Lee Broom.

Optical – All photos by Luke Hayes. Courtesy of Lee Broom.

London Design Festival 2016 –  An optical pattern covers the street-window at 95 Rivington Street in Shoreditch inviting visitors to plunge into an immersive installation by British designer Lee Broom. Welcome to his London flagship store. Welcome to the Opticality intallation, a journey through an infinity of reflections and optical illusions.

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Inside, monochromatic patterns on the floors lead to a kaleidoscopic room featuring optical floor lamps and pendants reflected in wall-to-wall infinity mirrors. Indeed, Optical is also the name of Lee Broom’s latest lightings collection: luminous globes glow with black-stripes patterns.


Inspired by the Op Art movement in the 1960’s, the new series reflects the monochrome graphics and mood of the era with a modern linear pattern, which when viewed from all sides, changes at every angle. The Optical series holds also strong personal associations for Broom, being inspired by the period in which he grew up in the early 90’s when he decorated his bedroom with a strong Op Art aesthetic.


The London Design Festival is always such a special show for me as its on home ground. And I get the opportunity to dramatically re-design our store.” Says Lee Broom.


The collection debuted at Milan Design Week with a nomadic exhibition recreating an Italian palazzo in the back of a delivery van. Everyday Lee Broom toured a different design district in Milan in order to reach as many people as possible. If Mohamed doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Mohamed. Design-wise.

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Lee Broom store hosts the Opticality installation until the 25th of September at the Electra House, 95 Rivington Street, Shoreditch.


All photos by Luke Hayes – Courtesy of Lee Broom.