Borderline vanity by Carlo Colombo x antoniolupi - Photo by antoniolupi.

Best of ISH 2023. Borderline vanity by Carlo Colombo x antoniolupi – Photo by antoniolupi.

Design – The bathroom as a holistic space to reconnect with Nature and technology as a sustainable tool to achieve sustainable, customized design solutions are the key trends of ISH 2023, the biannual international fair dedicated to bathroom design and innovation. Archipanic’s founder and editor in chief Enrico Zilli has picked seven highlights in Frankfurt.

Sustainable egg-shaped bathtub

Kaldewei Meisterstück Oyo Duo bathtub by Stefan Diez x Kaldewei - Photo by ©Kaldewei.


Kaldewei presents the Kaldewei Meisterstück Oyo Duo free-standing bathtub designed by German designer Stefan Diez with sustainability in mind. Ideal for open spaces and smaller bathrooms, the egg-shaped bathtub combines an organic, natural, and 100 % recyclable design inspired by Japanese porcelain. Diez focused on reintegrating all the components into the material cycle during the design process.

Custom 3D-printed basins

3D-printed basin by RAK Ceramics - Photo by RAK Ceramics.

©RAK Ceramics.

UAE lifestyle brand RAK Ceramics blended cutting-edge technology with traditional casting to create unique, highly customizable, and scalable 3D-printed basins. A dream for architects and bathroom planners. Unique, limited-edition collections are now a reality, as specific designs can be realized beyond the traditional design language of ceramics. Being an addictive process, 3D printing optimises material waste as well.

Highly customizable vanity furniture

Borderline vanity by Carlo Colombo x antoniolupi - Photo by antoniolupi.


High-end Italian luxury bath brand antoniolupi unveils Borderline, a highly customizable vanity by Carlo Colombo available in wall-mounted and free-standing versions. The furniture features a metal handle with a smooth, elegant curvature. A drawer dividers and partitions system allows you to organise and segment the space with infinite configurations.

Holistic bathroom collection

Lua bathroom collection by Toan Nguyen x Laufen - Photo by Laufen.


 Lua is the new bathroom collection by French designer Toan Nguyen for Swiss company Laufen. Harmonious in every detail, from the ceramic, bathtubs, and fittings to the matching furniture set, the collection pays homage to water sacrality with a neat design that focuses on daily rituals. Straight lines, gently rounded corners, and edge radii create a pleasing symbiosis with the oval washbasins, bowls, WCs, bidets, and bathtubs.

Japanese bento boxes-inspired bathroom collection

Duravit Bento Starck Box collection by Duravit and Philippe Starck - ©Duravit.


Duravit and Philippe Starck teamed up to create the extravagant Duravit Bento Starck Box bathroom series. The inspiration comes from the traditional Japanese bento box, which uses interior dividers to create multiple compartments in which different dishes can be sorted. With intelligently separated wet and dry areas, the clearly structured sink areas and bathtubs open up an endless number of individual design possibilities.

Nature soft imperfections-inspired bathroom collection

Antao bathroom collection by Kaschkasch x Villeroy & Boch - Photo by Villeroy & Boch.

©Villeroy & Boch.

Dewdrops, buds, and Nature’s reawakening in spring-inspired Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider of Cologne-based studio Kaschkasch to create the Antao organic bathroom collection for Villeroy & Boch. The series includes washbasins and a bathtub, furniture, mirrors, and fittings, all through which the designers’ poetic ideas can be holistically transferred to the bathroom. Just as the dewdrops in Nature are never identical, each size of the slightly asymmetrical countertop washbasins is intended to have an individual shape. Soft contours define the fittings, and the color palette is also clearly inspired by Nature.

High-performing tech-whirlpools

QuantumFlush by VtrA Bathrooms - Photo by VitrA Bathrooms.

©VitrA Bathrooms.

Turkish bathroom specialist VitrA presents the silent and efficient QuantumFlush technology. The innovation is based on the laminar flow principle, in which liquid particles move past each other evenly in layers without mixing. Three water faucets on the toilet bowl’s upper rim create the perfect whirlpool allowing water to flow steadily through the oval without energy loss. On top of that, the rinsing principle ensures less water splashes than conventional rinsing systems.

  • ISH 2023 – All photos: courtesy of the companies or the designers.
Lua bathroom collection by Toan Nguyen x Laufen - Photo by Laufen.

ISH 2023. Lua bathtub by Toan Nguyen x Laufen – Photo by Laufen.