Portuguese pavilion at Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 is pulverized, printed and handed out on paper to the visitors in order to make people reflect on Portuguese situation and provoke a constructive debate.

What are we doing in Portugal? And what can we do? What do we think about what was the Modern Movement? How was it preserved? How can we deal with the new changelings?” Ask curator and editor Pedro Campos Costa.

Portugal Pavilion

Portugal Pavilion – Homeland Publication

Everything happens in a specific place, with specific persons, in a specific context, it´s not “nowhere”, but we constantly forget that what we sometimes call Utopia is probably the only way to modernity. Without a notion of future there is no modernity” Comment the curator.

Portugal Pavilion - Courtesy of Ana Aragon

Portugal Pavilion – Courtesy of Ana Aragon

One of the most fundamental purposes of a newspaper is to convey information. Homeland shows Portuguese architecture by providing information about what has been, is being and will be done in the realm of Portugal’s participation at the Venice Architecture Biennale” Comments Samuel Rego, Director-General for the Arts.


Inside the editions you will find reports on the work being developed by six teams, in six cities, that will have long-lasting effects in their respective areas of intervention. The audience of the Portuguese representation will get to see not a static image of what Portuguese architecture can punctually produce, but multiple projects by national architects” added Samuel Rego.

Portugal Pavilion - Homeland publication 1st issue home page.

Portugal Pavilion – Homeland publication 1st issue home page.