piuarch @ Milan Design Week 2018 - Photo by piuarch

Secret gardens and green Pavilion @ Milan Design Week 2018 – Photo by piuarch.

Milan 2018 – What about bringing the countryside back to the the streets and into our homes? At Fuorisalone 2018, international architects create secret gardens, green pavilions and eclectic forests. We selected 7 sustainable installations on show in Milan.

piuarch’s green pavilion floats like a cloud of lanterns under Milan’s castle

Piazza Castello – MM2 Cairoli.
piuarch @ Milan Design Week 2018 - Photo by piuarch

Photo by piuarch.

How can architecture contribute to allow individual and collective sustainable developments? piuarch designed a participative pavilion and urban orchard in front of Castello Sforzesco. Lightness, luminosity and affordability. These are the key features of the structure composed of a modular and public platform filled with aromatic plants, flowers and herbs. Above, a cloud of inflatable balloons float in the air. At night the cloud ethereally glows like a concert of lanterns as well as a metaphor of a light-weight forest or as versatile and flexible urban imprint.

Mario Cucinella’s curated smarTown glows at Orto Botanico di Brera

@ Orto Botanico di Brera, via Brera 28 – MM2 Brera.

SOS and Mario Cucinella - smarTown - Image: courtesy of MCArcitects.

Courtesy of MCArcitects.

Mario Cucinella, curated the smarTown installation in the ancient Botanical Garden of Brera. The imaginary city designed by the young architects of the the SOS – School of Sustainability features hundreds of housing units which glow to highlight the intangible beauty of energy. The installation was promoted by ENI Gas e Luce and is part of the “House in Motion” event curated by INTERNI Magazine for the FuoriSalone.

Carlo Ratti nests four seasons under the same roof… at the same time

Piazza Duomo, in front of Palazzo Reale – MM2-3 Duomo.
Living Nature by Carlo Ratti Associati - Image by Carlo Ratti Associati

Image by Carlo Ratti Associati.

Carlo Ratti Associati unveils Living Nature, a 500 square-meter garden-pavilion that uses energy flow control to allow spring, summer, autumn and winter to coexist under the same high-tech sustainable structure. “In the 20th century, cities expanded outwards to conquer nature and the countryside. We believe that today’s challenge is the opposite – how can we bring nature back to the city and in the house?”. The plants in the pavilion are housed under a 5-meter-high selective crystal membrane that dynamically filters the sun based on input from light-reactive sensors. Above the pavilion, photovoltaic panels generate clean energy, providing the required energy to cool the winter area, or to heat the summer space.

Kengo Kuma creates a peaceful forest in Valextra flagship store

Valextra flagship store, via Manzoni 3 – MM1-3 Duomo or MM3 Montenapoleone.
Kengo Kuma's installation @ Valextra flagshipstore - Photo by Valextra

Photo by Valextra.

Handcrafted leather accessories brand Valextra invited Kengo Kuma to re-design its downtown flagship store. The Japanese architect conceived a peaceful forest filled with wooden steles allowing the eye to wonder and explore the space as well as ‘encounter’ the products on display. “There is a need for Nature in cities. A need for peacefulness and distress and I believe that natural materials can achieve that.” Explains Kengo Kuma.

Six Gallery creates a field of wheat to launch its first collection

@ SIX Gallery, Scaldasole 7. MM Porta Genova.
Photo by SIX Gallery.

Photo by SIX Gallery.

33,000 ears of wheat will be just one of the new displays on view at the Six Gallery, part of the larger Six complex which include  a gallery, a bistrot and a green boutique. In a joint venture, it will present a the gallery’s first furniture collection inspired by the American desert. In addition to this, Irene, the floral design specialist, is presenting a collection of vases designed in collaboration with Studio Testo, and various fabrics created in tandem with AH/OK.

Pierattelli Architetture nests an ‘infinite’ secret garden under the skyscrapers

Piazza Gae Aulenti – MM 2-5 Porta Garibaldi.
Pierattelli Architetture's Secret garden in Piazza gae Aulenti - Image by Pierattelli Architetture.

Image by Pierattelli Architetture.

Pierattelli Architetture designed a 140 sqm secret garden under the glass and concrete urbanscape of Gar Aulenti square. From the outside it looks like a an anonymous installations, inside, a game of reflections expands an installation featuring 7m tall trees as well as flowers and other plants to re-gain Time and rekindle with Nature. The installation was developed with the collaboration of Vitra, Flos, Porcelanosa and Gruppo Giardini.

Denis Guidone designs a delicate origami garden under Ventura Centrale rough vaults

Ventura Centrale, via Ferrante Aporti 9-21 – MM 2-3 Centrale.
Denis Guidone's origami garden @ Ventura Centrale - Sketch by Karesansui.

Sketch by Karesansui.

As you walk into the newly added Ventura Centrale vault, it is like you entered a Japanese garden, a Karesansui, in all its delicacy and elegance contrasting with the roughness of the space. Denis Guidone encounters renowned origami artist Tomoko Fuse and light consultant Masahiko Aso to create a new series of lamps and objects out of traditional washi paper in collaboration with Yusuke Taguchi. “It is very inspiring to use old traditional techniques for contemporary applications,” explained Guidone to Archipanic about the complex folded lamps creating beautiful shadow plays.