Fuorisalone 2018. Bar Anne - Photo by Children of the Light and Space Encounters.

Fuorisalone 2018. Bar Anne – Photo by Children of the Light and Space Encounters.

Milan 2018 – With design planet set to descend upon Milan for the most influential event of the year, we selected 15 not-to-be-missed exhibitions and installations in town. Every year hundreds of events and shows take over city, read Archipanic’s ongoing report to discover hidden forests, architectural installations and foodies-driven performances. Read more…

VITRA goes on show at La Pelota

@ Via Palermo 10 – April 17-21: h 10am-7pm – April 22: h.10am-6pm.
Vitra - Family portrait.

Photo by Vitra.

Paris-based designer Robert Stadler reveals the world of Vitra with Typecasting, a major exhibition featuring 200 iconic designs, prototypes and even flops that never achieved success. Not a didactic or chronological exhibition but a selection of items grouped in more loose and transversal categories such as the “Athletes”, the “Spartans” and the “Compulsive Organizers”.

The debut of Ventura Future

Via Paisiello 6. April 17-22, h.10am-8pm. April 21, h.10am-6pm.

Fuorisalone 2018. VenturaFuture - FutureDome.

This year, Ventura Lambrate has been scrapped but the organisers at Ventura Projects moved into new locations in the Loreto district. At the Ventura Future event, over 80 exhibitors will show their vision on the living habits of tomorrow: from big data to complex networks and resource management. Explore the HH – Health & Happiness group exhibition showcasing practical solutions for patients on a daily base as well as reflections on health, wellbeing and human life.

Open Sky: Phillip K. Smith III for COS

@ Palazzo Isimbardi, Corso Monforte, 35. April 17, 20 and 21: 10am – 8pm; April 18 and 19: 10am – 5pm.
Fuorisalone 2018. COSxPKS3

COSxPKS3 – Courtesy of COS.

Swedish fashion brand COS teamed with American artist Phillip K. Smith III to create an immersive installation within Palazzo Isimbardi. The architecture of the XVI century building encounters the changeable nature of the sky in a central sculpture located in the palazzo’s courtyard. “I wanted to bring the sky to the ground, to make it physically present.” Explains the artist. “Open Sky is characterised by ever-changing spatial and temporal elements, every visitor’s experience of the installation will be entirely individual”.

Forms of movement. Nendo solo exhibition at Super Design Show

@ Super Studio Più, Via Tortona 27.
Nendo's eclectic hourglasses - Picture by Akihiro Yoshida - Courtesy of Nendo.

Nendo’s eclectic hourglasses – All pictures and video by Akihiro Yoshida – Courtesy of Nendo.

At Super Design Show, Japanese studio Nendo will present 10 concepts that revolve around the idea of movement, originating from an object’s function, material or production process. On show the final designs, the models and the mockups of each project, sharing with the visitors the manufacturing aspect as well as Nendo’s creative process. Among the products on display also contemporary hourglasses with puddles-looking chambers showing that time is moving more freely than ever – read more.

NOT FOR SALE: a street-long installation by Design Academy Eindhoven explores the true value of design

Via Crespi, various location.
Fuorisalone 2018. Design Academy Eindhoven via Crespi

Image by Design Academy Eindhoven.

Design Academy Eindhoven takes over Pietro Crespi street,a stone’s throw from the Stazione Centrale di Milano.“With a pharmacy, hardware store, newspaper kiosk, church, food market, Internet café and osteria, the street represents a slice of everyday Italian life”. But underneath the tangible market dynamics, each venue boasts its own curiosities: the Internet café doubles as adviser to asylum seekers, the bar is the first gay bar in the area and the market hosts raves at night. From here, the students will interact with local shops and venues examining the concept of what can and can’t be bought in terms of design objects.

Horah: choreographies of light by Raw Edges at Spazio Krizia

@ Spazio Krizia, via Daniele Manin 21. April 17 – 22, 10am-7pm.
Fuorisalone 2018. Raw Edges at Spazio Krizia

Image by Spazio Krizia/Raw Edges.

Spazio Krizia continues its design exploration with the Horah exhibition by Shay Alkalay e Yael Mer of Raw Edges. The Israeli designers reflect one the convivial power of light and, in collaboration with Wonderglass,created a series of 30 moving lamps. Horah is a traditional Jewish wedding dance. “Synchronised movement strengthens the power of repetition itself. Synchronised elements are intriguing, fascinating and create emotions, similar to the ones we could feel by watching Horah dancers.” Explain the designers.

Bar Anne: the informal design meeting point by Space Encounters and Children of the Light

@ Museo Diocesano, Corso di Porta Ticinese, 95. April 17-22, 11 am-01am.

The historical Museo Diocesano is taken over by a group of dutch creative designers and transformed into a non-pretentious and easy going design hotspot where to hang out, have a coffee or listen to music. Space Encounters designed an architectural structure which consists of over 25 arcades stimulating connections, creating see throughs but also places for intimacy and protection. The arches are complemented with a mystifying visual light spectacle by Children of the Light. The space is completed with furniture by emerging Dutch designers, and musical performances of vanguard artists until after midnight.

The Litta Variations / 4th Movement

Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24 – April 17-22, h. 11am-9pm.
Fuorisalone 2018. Asif Khan's Tempietto nel Bosco @ Palazzo Litta-The Variations - Image by Palazzo Litta

Asif Khan’s “Tempietto nel bosco” – Courtesy of MoscaPartners.

In the central courtyard of the Palazzo Litta Asif Khan has created a temple-in-the-wood inspired installation which “explores the natural element of the forest while simultaneously the architecture of an open-air cathedral” Explains the British architect. MoscaPartners and DAMN° Magazine invited designers and companies display their projects within the sumptuous halls and under the main arcade of the Renaissance building. Among the participants: Babled Design by Emmanuel Babled, the Japan Creative platform and ECAL – University of Art and Design Lausanne with a special project in collaboration with Foscarini.

AGC invites to discover ‘novel’ sound experiences through glass

@ Ventura Centrale, via Ferranti Aporti 9. April 17-22, h.
Fuorisalone 2018. AGC Soundscape Installation

Courtesy of AGC.

Glass is one of the most used materials both in architecture and design. But while there has been a lot of experimentation on its visual properties, very little has been done on its acoustic performances. World leading manufacturer Asahi Glass Company though out-of-the-box and invited Motosuke Mandai to work with a sound generating glass currently under development at AGC. Under the rough vaults of Ventura Centrale, the up-and-coming Japanese architect created a space that enables visitors to experience everyday auditory phenomena in new ways.

Giacomo Moor “bridges” architecture and design

@ Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, Via Stilicone 10 – April 17-22, 11AM–7PM.
Fuorisalone 2018. Giacomo Moor - Dining Table

Photo by Giustini Stagetti.

The Centina collection by Giacomo Moor meshes the architectural structure of a bridge with furniture design. Designed exclusively for  Galleria Giustini / Stagetti, the collection is on show at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, and was set up by Umberto Riva, who also includes some of his own pieces. “I aimed to explore the formal and structural relation between the arch and its  centring, the temporary wooden structure required for bridges construction.”Explains Moor. The series includes table, a writing-desk and a shelving system.

Vegan Design – The Art of Reduction

@ 5 Vie / Spazio Sanremo – Via Zecca Vecchia 3.
Fuorisalone 2018. Vegan Design - Photo by Claudia Rothkagel

Photo by Claudia Rothkagel.

Is it possible to design without using any material from animals? Israeli designer Erez Nevi Pana proves that it is by showcasing objects made in compliance with the rules of his vegan ethical position. Among the projects on show also the innovative solar-powered salt-melting process which allows to create large crystals in just few minutes. Thanks to this technique he developed by the Dead Sea and then patented it is possible to produce tiles and blocks that would be like marble for the poor.

Doppia Firma: international designers encounter Venice high-end craftsmanship

@ Maison Giampiero Bodino, Via Mozart 9 – April 17-22, h. 9am-7pm.
DoppiaFirma 2017 at GAM Milano - Photo by @elenadelloro via IG

Above: DoppiaFirma 2017 at GAM Milano – Photo by @elenadelloro via IG.

Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship presents the third edition of Doppia FirmaDouble Signature in English -, an exhibition showcasing 13 works born from the collaboration of international designers such as Kiki van Eijk, Studio Swine and India Mahdavi with renown craftsmen from Venice and the Veneto region. Glass, marble with golden leaf, crochet and even Carnival masks making are just some of the techniques used for the projects on show. Doppia firma is a project by Fondazione Cologni in collaboration with  Living – Corriere della Sera.

UAE Design Stories: The Next Generation from The Emirates

@ The Pool NYC, Via Santa Maria Fulcorina. April 17–22, 11am – 9pm.
Fuorisalone 2018. d3 in Milan

Courtesy of d3.

Dubai Design District, d3, brings to Milan the new generation of Emirati designers. Curated by Khalid Shafar, the exhibition shows how landscape, flora and  fauna inspired 8emerging talents. Aljoud Lootah created a stool from dried palm fronds. Alia Mazrooei’s furniture is inspired by the body and movement of stingrays, while Ahmad AlAreef displays a projection focused on the formation of sand dunes.

Masterly – The Dutch in Milano

@ Palazzo Francesco Turati, via Meravigli 7. April 17-22.
Fuorisalone 2018. MASTERLY.

Courtesy of Masterly.

The Masterly platform and exhibition brings Dutch designers, artisan producers and design agencies to the stunning Palazzo Francesco Turati in the heart of Milan. Here, historical ceramic brand Royal Delft presents the design results of a collaboration with Flex/Design and Twinkls Augmented Reality while renown designer Edward Van Vliet showcases patterns and furniture created for influential brands.

Limitless Co-Existence by Sota Ichikawa for Lexus

@ Cavallerizze, Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia, via Olona 6. April 17-22, h. 11am-8pm.

Courtesy of LEXUS.

Sota Ichikawa of doubleNegatives Architecture meshes digital and analogical with a mesmerizing lighting installation for LEXUS. The Japanese architect started from the idea that every human being is at the centre of the world; a visually infinite number of hanging cords referring to every single human being on the planet are all lit simultaneously, creating endless perspectives.