FRISÉE chair by Cristina Celestino for Billiani - Photo by Chiara Cadeddu.

Fuorisalone FRISÉE chair by Cristina Celestino for Billiano – Photo by Chiara Cadeddu.

Milan 2020 – The Fuorisalone fall edition allowed companies to present the collections they couln’t launch at Milan Design Week, canceled due to Covid-19. Check these 10 furnitures we liked the most! The selection includes designs by Patricia Urquiola, Nendo, Studiopepe and Cristina Celestino, as well as products by B&B Italia, Cassina, Moroso and Porro.

RUFF armchair by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso

RUFF chair by Patricia Urquiola - Photo by Leonardo Duggento, courtesy of Moroso.

Photo by Leonardo Duggento, courtesy of Moroso.

Moroso presents the RUFF armchair by Patricia Urquiola: a harmonious combination between curved and straight lines and “a three-dimensional experiment in binary geometry which creates an architectural interaction with the surrounding space”. The wide armrests lie on the sides of the seat section and wrap around it firmly, even though they have just one single joint.

LATTERIA by Keiji Takeuchi for Fucina

LATTERIA by Keiji Takeuchi for Latteria - Photo by Fucina.

Photo by Fucina.

Fucina presents the LATTERIA stool by Japanese designer Keiji Takeuchi. Inspired by traditional milking stools, the seat is made of a single block of aluminium milled with millimetric precision, while an active nanotechnological treatment was applied to all surfaces to inhibit the proliferation of harmful elements. Available in a wide range of colours, Latteria stools are also antibacterial and fingerprint resistant.

BLITZ table by Mario Bellini fort B&B Italia

BLITZ by Mario Bellini for Cassina - Photo by Cassina.

Photo by Cassina.

BLITZ is more than just a table, it was a bolt of lightning that passed from my mind to my hands and through the pencil on to the paper.” Explains Mario Bellini who created a limited edition table for B&B Italia. The eye is immediately caught by the origami-shaped legs which perfectly match the minimal straight lines of the upper part, defining the overall ‘blitz’ shape. The whole structure is made with bamboo, the soft black shellac-effect finish of the internal parts gives depth to the structure.

AFTER AGO by Richard Yasmine

AFTER AGO by Richard Yasmine - Photo by Richard Yasmine.

Photo by Richard Yasmine.

Lebanese interior architect and product designer Richard Yasmine presents the sculptural AFTER AGO collection. Conceived as “an ode to an arch, a tribute to a city, an elegy of lost souls, altogether converted to emotional fantasy objects, the collection is inspired by the metaphorical Postmodernist movement, with a twist of graceful Art Deco lines assorted to monolithic Brutalism sobriety.” After Ago is handcrafted and painted using multiple materials such as foam, lightweight concrete plaster, acrylic and stone ware or clay.

INFINITO sofa by Marcantonio for Natuzzi Italia

INFINITO by Marcantonio for Natuzzi - Photo by Natuzzi.

Photo by Natuzzi.

The INFINITO sofa by Marcantonio for Natuzzi Italia has transformed the mathematical symbol into “an attractive three-dimensional form, a curvy sculpture which slides upon itself becoming a restful sofa, with comfortable seating and a chaise longue in the central part.” A metal tubular structure with elastic polyurethane padding of varying density allows maximum comfort, combining softness and support.

FRISÉE chair by Cristina Celestino for Billiani

FRISÉE chair by Cristina Celestino for Billiani - Photo by Chiara Cadeddu.

Photo by Chiara Cadeddu.

The extremely feminine FRISÉE chair by Cristina Celestino for Billiani combines the solidity of wood with an ironic and playful frivolity. Soft, rounded lines enhance the company’s wood working know-how and heritage. All corners morph into delicate curves with gracefully studied details. The tapering legs end by swelling into an onion shape. Frisée comes in pastel colors with the back rest and structure in solid beech or ash.

TORII by Nendo for Minotti

TORII by Nendo for Minotti - Photo by Minotti.

Photo by Minotti.

Minotti teamed up with Japanese studio Nendo to create TORII a series of groupable seats play with rounded volumes, light thicknesses and apparently simple forms. Airy, with construction details linked to Japanese tradition, the Torii Nest small chair comes with a back in woven leather, triggering the effect of Vienna straw, inserted in a frame of solid ash that rests on a base in the same type of wood.

ROMBY padded chair by GamFratesi for Porro

ROMBY by GamFratesi for Porro - Photo by Porro.

Photo by Porro.

Minimalism and great craftsmanship, geometric allure and retro-styled design are the key elements of the new ROMBY chair by GamFratesi for Porro. The truncated cone base in solid ash wood, natural or black stained is connected to a soft and compact padded swivel seat covered in leather and fabric. “The cocoon armchair embraces the body while leaving it free to move, enveloping it with a feeling of great lightness.” A project that fits perfectly into the Porro universe, which has always been characterised by.

COLOURDISC by Bethan Laura Wood for Cassina and Venini

COLOURDISC by Bethan Laura Wood for Cassina and Venini - Photo by Cassina.

Photo by Cassina.

British designer Bethan Laura Wood has created a bespoke collection of vases for Cassina in collaboration with Venini. Titled COLOURDISC, the series features coloured compositions of discs and diamonds in Murano glass, casted in metal forms during production and placed around a brass volume. “The pieces play with both the physical weight and harmonics of colour for a dramatic balancing act with satellites of glass arrayed round its light core.”

ROUNDCUT by Studiopepe for Gallotti & Radice

ROUNDCUT by Studiopepe for Gallori&Radice - Photo by Gallotti&Radice.

Photo by Gallotti&Radice.

Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara di Pinto of Studiopepe has created a modular system of shelves in hand-burnished metal for Gallotti&Radice. Named ROUNDCUT, the refined furnishing complements come with precious marble or mirrored fronts. The modular shelves can be installed in two different positions, above or below, rotated by 180°.