EDIT Napoli 2020 - Sala del Capitolo ©Serena Eller Vainicher

EDIT Napoli 2020 – Sala del Capitolo y – All photos by ©Serena Eller Vainicher, unless stated otherwise.

Edit Napoli 2020 – The second edition of Italy’s independent ‘boutique-fair’ takes over a great palazzo and stunning venues in the city of Naples, giving voice to over 70 designers and manufacturers, artisans and furniture companies showcasing works linked to symbolic places of Neapolitan culture. Indeed, instead of expanding its vision in a globalized direction, the event invited Italian and international creatives to focus on territoriality and to spotlight on transparent supply chains.

EDIT Napoli 2020 - Forma&Cemento ©Serena Eller Vainicher.

Forma&Cemento @ EDIT Napoli 2020.

We believe in the topicality of the themes and the tangible opportunities for the exhibitors, who have blossomed into a growing international community that shares a unique model.” Explain the creators of the project, curator and design historian Domitilla Dardi, and buyer and entrepreneur Emilia Petruccelli. Edit Napoli 2020 is organized in collaboration with the City of Naples.

EDIT Napoli 2020 - cortile del Complesso e corner by Giuliano Andrea Dell'Uva ©Serena Eller Vainicher

Setting by Giuliano Andrea Dell’Uva.

The main venue of the event is Monumental Complex of San Domenico Maggiore, a historic hotspot in the heart of the Neapolitan alleyways [Vico di San Domenico Maggiore 18 – h. 10-19]. Visitors are welcomed in an elegant courtyard where local architect Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva has created an installation with pieces from his new Carpet collection designed for the historic Campania brand, Ceramica Francesco De Maio.

EDIT Napoli 2020 - Gae Avitabile ©Serena Eller Vainicher.

Gae Avitabile @ EDIT Napoli 2020.

In the complex’ halls, rooms and corridors, 70 exhibitors, including designers, brands and international craftsmen present their products. Neapolitan Ge Avita of Tana Design Sudio up-cycled expanded polyester boxes used to deliver buffalo mozzarella into colorful seats. Servomuto presents seven floor lamps in homage to the visionary spirit of Parisian Haute Couture while MEDULUM’s new furniture collection by Serena Confalonieri, Accardi Bucchieri, Cara Davide and Debonademeo is inspired by travel, escape and discovery.

EDIT Napoli 2020 - De Castelli ©Serena Eller Vainicher.

De Castelli @ EDIT Napoli 2020.

De Castelli teamed up with Lanzavecchia + WaiMartinelli Venezia Studio and Zanellato/Bortotto to explore the anti-bacterials properties of copper. The Quasar Institute for Advance Design has developed a new brick-sized modular concrete unit for Forma&Cemento. Under the label Made in EDIT, designer Sara Ricciardi and craftsman Simone Piva teamed up to create the exclusive O R A collection dedicated to a pioneering idea of wellness.

EDIT Napoli 2020 - Andrea Anastasio al Museo MANN, mostra Aritmia, vasi Ceramica Gatti 1928 ©Elio Rosato.

EDIT Napoli 2020 – Andrea Anastasio al Museo MANN, mostra Aritmia, vasi Ceramica Gatti 1928 – Photo by ©Elio Rosato.

On show also international participants such as Constance Guisset Studio , Alvaro Catalán de Ocón and Nigel Coates. Architect Aline Asmar d’Amman teamed up with Laboratorio Morseletto to create functional sculptures materializing the quest of concrete poetry through the use of rare discarded marbles.

Laboratorio Morseletto + Aline Asmar D'Amman - Culture in Architecture, The Memory of Stones - Memory I - Memory III - Memory II ©Marco Zorzanello

Laboratorio Morseletto + Aline Asmar D’Amman @ EDIT Napoli 2020 – ©Marco Zorzanello.

The iconic San Carlo Theatre hosts the Metamorfosi collections by Martino Gamper for Moroso, here Italian lighting design brand Foscarini showcases the Madre and Filo lamps by Andrea Anastasio. [Via San Carlo 98 – 17—18 October 2020, h 10.00 AM—5.00 PM].

Edit Napoli 2020 - Moroso @ Teatro di San Carlo - ©Serena Eller Vainicher

Moroso @ Teatro di San Carlo, Naples.

The designer is also the protagonist of the Aritmia, Ceramica Gatti 1928 solo ceramic show at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, MANN, curated by Alessandro Rabottini. [Piazza Museo 19 – 17 October-30 November 2020, h 9.30 AM—7.30 PM, closed on Tuesdays]. For Bosa, Jaime Hayon has created  a ceramic tower at the Filangieri Museum. [Via Duomo 288 – from 17 October h 10.00 AM—4.00 PM (Monday–Friday), h 10.00 AM—5.00 PM (Saturday–Sunday)].

EDIT Napoli 2020 - Jaime Hayon x Bosa at Museo Filangieri ©Serena Eller Vainicher

Jaime Hayon x Bosa at Museo Filangieri.

Along the physical exhibitions a palazzo of digital exhibition and business rooms dedicated to Italian and international designers is open to all at www.editnapoli2020.com. From October 20, all creatives, buyers and design lovers who couldn’t make to Naples can also visit the show on line with a virtual 3D tour as well.

EDIT Napoli 2020 - Servomuto ©Serena Eller Vainicher

Servomuto @ EDIT Napoli 2020.

All images: courtesy of Edit Napoli 2020.

Edit Napoli 2020 - Foscarini @ Teatro di San Carlo - ©Serena Eller Vainicher

Foscarini @ Teatro di San Carlo, Naples.

EDIT Napoli 2020 - Constance Guisset Studio ©Serena Eller Vainicher

EDIT Napoli 2020 – Constance Guisset Studio ©Serena Eller Vainicher.