Fontana Arte - Setareh by Francesco Librizzi.

Fontana Arte – Setareh by Francesco Librizzi.

Milan 2017 – At Euroluce 2017 Italian design explores new luminous frontiers like super powerful micro LEDs and eclectic solutions for indirect light design. We selected 10 brand-new products on show and remind you to check the DeLightFuL exhibition shining a light on the transitory and shared domestic space of Millenials.

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Flos: coloured blush by Formafantasma

Hall 13, Booth C09-D18
FLOS, Blush lamp by Formafantasma - Photo by Officine Mimesi.

FLOS, Blush lamp by Formafantasma – Photo by Officine Mimesi.

Light is not only about brightness but colour and the intimacy of shadow as well. The Blush designs by Formafantasma for FLOS make use of a LED strip and a piece of dichroic glass to cast brightly-tinted reflections on walls to answer to the lack of colour saturation during winter months. The studio celebrates its 10th anniversary with the Foundation exhibition at Spazio Krizia in via Manin 21 (M3 Turati).

Luceplan: solar sail by Daniel Rybakken

Hall 13, boot B8-C18.
Luceplan - Photo by @Isabellapifaniarchitetto, IG.

Luceplan – Photo by @Isabellapifaniarchitetto, IG.

Luceplan presents Sol_03, a ‘solar sail’ lighting design by Norwegian talent Daniel Rybakken. A powerful light source projects a beam of light on a large and lightweight disk made of a white translucent film or a metallic mirrored membrane stretched inside an aluminum circular profile. “Thin poles connect the two main elements. By changing the length and the connection points of the two supporting wires, the rotation of the disc can be adjusted at any angle” says the designer.

Martinelli Luce: ‘coaxial’ counterweights

Hall 15, boot B23.
Martinelli Luce - Photo by @carolina_martinelli_arch, IG.

Martinelli Luce – Photo by @carolina_martinelli_arch, IG.

Martinelli Luce launches Coassiale by up-and-coming talent Vittorio Venezia. Two spot LEDs housed inside two black cylinders lamp-holder project on a reflective discfrom above and below. Thanks to cables, the disc can slide vertically to generate different light effects. The upper LED hangs on the ceiling, the lower one is suspended by gravity acting as a counterweight.

Foscarini: anatomy of a light

Hall 11 – Booth A19. A29, B18, B24
Foscarini, FILO lamp.

Foscarini, FILO lamp.

Foscarini launches FILO, a “deconstructed” table lamp showing off its individual parts such as the light source, decoration and electrical wiring. Designed by Andrea Anastasio, FILO simplifies the grammar and syntax of a lighting design that comes in different colours. Decorative glass and porcelain details turn the wire into a necklace.

Artemide: responsive IoT designs and minimal birds

Hall 11 – Booth C19, C29, D16, D 28.
ARTEMIDE Yanzi Suspensions by Neri&Hu

ARTEMIDE Yanzi Suspensions by Neri&Hu.

Under the motto Human and responsible lights, Artemide presents Li-Fi responsive designs that harness Internet of things technology to allow people to create light scenarios by using simple and user-friendly apps. Among the new products also Neri&Hu latest creation: stylized birds made of brass and illuminated globes sit on simple polished black steel rods and loops.

Fontana Arte: glowing spheres and thin frames

Hall 9, booth A15-B12

Fontana Arte Librizzi 02
Fontana Arte Librizzi 03
Fontana Arte Librizzi 04
Fontana Arte Librizzi 05

Francesco Librizzi designed Setareh table and suspension lamp for Fontana Arte. The design is composed of a sphere in hand-blown white satin glass, magically suspended within a thin metal structure. The play of circular masses and trajectories generates a balanced design of gravitational dynamics. The light from the sphere is diffused into the surrounding space, illuminating the frame.

TATO re-edits Gio Ponti

Hall 11, Booth B21.
Tato, De Lux by Gio Ponti -version B8.

Tato, De Lux by Gio Ponti.

Emerging Italian brand TATO re-edits a Gio Ponti floor lamp design. The maestro used to design all sort of things, from Ferrari to pottery and skyscrapers. The new DE-LUX design narrates the story of a never realized project, now finally in production. A slink three legged stem blossoms like a brass calla lily. The design comes also with different bases and a lampshades.

Slamp: Lorenza Bozzoli walks down memory lane

Hall 13, booth A19-B14.
SLAMP - Photo by Lorenza Bozzoli, IG: @lorenza_bozzoli_design.

SLAMP, La Lollo – Ph. @lorenza_bozzoli_design, IG.

When I was a kid I used to dress up with my grandma stage-clothes. She was an opera singer and I used to wear her bubble skirts and 50s style shoes to go to college”. La Lollo chandelier, Lorenza Bozzoli’s brand-new design for Slamp, evokes Dolce Vita atmospheres with a contemporary twist. Techno-polymers replace traditional crystals.

Masiero: modular Arabic embroideries by Marc Sadler

Hall 11, booth F43-45.
Masiero RAQAM by Marc Sadler

Masiero RAQAM by Marc Sadler.

RAQAM means embroidery in Arabic. Marc Sadler conceived for Masiero a modular system of 8 different lighting units that can be composed in endless compositions. Each single glass and brass piece is engineered to connect with other units thanks special junctures. You can create a baroque chandelier or a contemporary lightecture. At the Waitomo exhibition at Galleria Rumi (Via Santa Marta 8, 5Vie District – M2 Duomo) welcomes visitors into a pulsating luminous canopy resembling a vintage merry-go-round.

Seletti: glowing bananas vs luminous stairways to heaven

Hall 13, booth E03.
Seletti, Banana Lamp by StudioJob.

Seletti, Banana Lamp by StudioJob.

Seletti new designs blend spiritual and vernacular. On a side the neon wall lamps inspired by pop culture and American fast-foods. With the UN_LIMITED EDITIONS project, Studio Job translated the exclusive and bespoke Banana and Tiffany Tree table lamps in much more democratic editions made of resin and glass. On the other side, the Verso table lamp by Gio Tirotto evokes the image of a staircase, an architectural element but also the symbolic representation of an ascent/descent both physical and spiritual.

DeLightFuL exhibition explores Millennials’ domestic space

Hall 15.
Euroluce 2017: DeLightFuL - Frame from M. Garrone trailer.

Euroluce 2017: DeLightFuL – Frame from M. Garrone trailer.

Design, Light, Future and Living are the four key concepts that, together, make up DeLightFuL, an exhibition exploring everyday living and the contemporary home of Millennials. They live beyond borders in a transitory and shared lifestyle. Interconnected spaces guide visitors through colourful contemporary home environments meshing high-Tech and archetypal, public and private, essential and aspirational. An inspirational video by Italian director Matteo Garrone blends fantasy atmospheres and natural storytelling.

Surrounded by design, well informed and with well-defined tastes, Millennials seek personalisation and shun standardisation.” Explain the curators Ciarmoli Queda Studio. “They care about quality, and have a concept of luxury that revolves around ‘experience and authenticity’. This increasingly widespread trend is something that we may define as Primitive Luxury”.

SELETTI, Verso table lamp by Giò Tirotto.

SELETTI, Verso table lamp by Giò Tirotto.