Chrona by Graypants - Photo by Graypants

10 eclectic lighting designs shining in New York. Chrona collection by Graypants – Photo by Graypants

Lighting design – The ‘city that never sleeps’ proves that there’s no need to switch the light off… Especially if it comes from beautiful lamps and chandeliers. We picked 10 eclectic lighting designs shining in New York. In recent years, a growing lighting design community contributed to put the city on the map of cutting-edge design epicenters. Here’s what we like the most at the metropolis’ annual celebration of design, which runs until 23 May 2018.

Bec Brittain’s architectural zodiac

Aries chandelier by Bec Brittain and John Hogan - Photo by Lauren Coleman

Bec Brittain teamed up with John Hogan to present a lighting system inspired by the Aries constellation. Hogan’s initial concepts for his interventions were inspired by celestial references. Brittain’s underlying structures departed from the initial constellation concept to became more architectural, creating trusses and scaffolding to support the glass pieces.

Philosophical rocking lamps by The Coast

Either/Or by The Coast

New York-based studio The Coast presents a lighting series inspired by the philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard who explored the conflict between the aesthetic and the ethical. “We rely on objects designed to serve us without asking for anything in return – Either/Or lamps encourage deliberate and emotionally acute interactions”. A user’s touch causes the light’s cradle to rock longingly back and forth, controlling the buoyancy and brightness, “to discover the second face behind the one you see.”

Memphis-school inspired lamps by Another Human

Another Human's Memphis school-inspired lamps - Photo by Another Human.

Another Human’s Memphis school-inspired lamps – All photos by Another Human.

Los Angeles design studio­ Another Human debuts its first lighting designs at Sight Unseen OFFSITE. The playful Dorothy and Sophia lamps are inspired by the curvy chrome Italian lighting designs of the late 60’s and 70’s as well as the animated shapes and totems of the Memphis Group. Read more…

Lee Broom’s telescopic globes

Lens Flair lamp by Lee Broom

Inspired by telescopic lenses and the art of horizontal and vertical refractions, Lee Broom’s Lens Flair is a piece of two halves, seamlessly combining the solid and the transparent. The design debuts in New York with an exhibition in the British designer’s pop-up showroom. Lens Flair is the latest addition to the OBSERVATORY collection launched during Milan Design Week.

Stars’ halos-inspired designs by Graypants

Chrona by Graypants - Photo by Graypants

GraypantsChrona series mimicks the phosphorescent envelope found around stars. The lighting design collection creates a luminous glow by combining spun brass and diffused acrylic. With a variety of configurations in both horizontal and vertical orientations, Dish pendants can be clustered together to make stunning constellations or individually hung to accentuate any space.

Luminous alpine skylines by Studio Endo

Alpine V by Studio Endo - Photo by Studio Endo

Studio Endo presents the Alpine collection embodying “the grand stature of natural elevations” explains Miles Endo to Archipanic. The lighting design beautifully illuminates over a long table or below a vaulted ceiling. The Alpine V extension allows to arrange several lights at different heights in order to create custom linear compositions.

Glass and neon transparencies by Sabine Marcelis

Designing Women II: Masters, Mavericks, Mavens - Photo by Hannah Whitaker, courtesy of Egg Collective.

Photo by Hannah Whitaker, courtesy of Egg Collective.

Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis presents a glass and neon chandelier at Eggs Collective’s exhibition Designing Women II – Masters, Mavericks, Mavens. The design creates a brilliant play of transparencies enveloped by orange hued glass curvy surfaces. Read more…

Articolo’s bespoke glimpse

NYCxDESIGN2018 - Articolo FLOAT

Australian lighting design brand Articolo expands its collection with Glimpse. Its waist is ensconced in a solid brass sheath. A clear glass shade reveals the elegant, elongated light source to wondrous effect, while the option of an opaque finish achieves a subtler outcome. Read more…

Indirect light reflections by Art & Guile

Gentle Disk Light by Art and Guile

Chris Boynton and Kate Hopkins of New York-based studio Art & Guile present Gentle Disk Lamp, a delicate lighting design playing with indirect light. Brass arms embrace a disk reflecting a LED light source. The duo showcases their creationsat Wanted Design Manhattan within the Launch Pad exhibition and platform promoting emerging talents.

Resident temp-showroom in Manhattan

Resident temp-showroom in NYC - Photo by Mark Wickens

Photo by Mark Wickens.

Hanging hooped lights and brand new designs by Kiwi furniture brand Resident shine in a pop-up store in NoLiTa. Interior designer Rufus Knight set a 3.000 square-foot gallery space with red carpeting and exposed brick walls. On show the Circus pendant lamp comprising large interlocking hoops and brand-new furniture as well.

Alpine by Studio Endo - Photo by Studio Endo