RISING FROM THE RUBBLES virtual exhibition by Movimento club -Image by Dao Archviz.

Dutch Design Week 2020. RISING FROM THE RUBBLES virtual exhibition by Movimento club -Image by Dao Archviz.

Eindhoven 2020 -From Design Academy Eindhoven to Li Edelkoort, Sabine Marcelis, Dutch Invertuals and more. Check these 10 digital exhibitions on show at Dutch Design Week 2020 which went all virtual due to a rise of Covid-19 cases in the city of Eindhoven.

New Melancholy by Li Edelkoort

NEW MELANCHOLY exhibition by Li Eldekoort at Vanabbemuseum- Photo by © Ralph Roelse.

Photo by © Ralph Roelse.

As ambassador of Dutch Design Week 2020, Li Edelkoort has set up a double exhibition between Kazerne and the Van Abbemuseum reflecting on the vast emptiness resulting from the pandemic lockdown. Desolate works from the collection Edelkoort and the museums collection express a feeling of melancholy carried by humor and distance to the subject.

Privacy in the Age of the New Intimacy

HOW NORMAL AM I documentary by Tijmen Schep.

Image by Tijmen Schep.

This virtual exhibition showcases eleven projects by contemporary designers exploring the complexity of Privacy in the digital age. Dutch artist Tijmen Schep How Normal Am I interactive documentary allows you to find out how algorithms judge your beauty, age, gender, weight, life expectancy and emotions by looking at your face [www.hownormalami.eu].

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show

Design Academy Eindhoven Grad Show 2020. MEMENTUM by Baptiste Comte - Photo by Ronald Smits.

MEMENTUM by Baptiste Comte – Photo by Ronald Smits.

The long awaited grad show of Design Academy Eindhoven, one of the world’s leading design schools, recognised for its forward-thinking nature, goes virtual showcasing the work of 184 graduates, “who have shown immense adaptability and resilience in creating their projects under these extraordinary circumstances,” explain at DAE. Baptiste Comte has designed imaginary clay urns as ‘skins,’ while Célestine Peuchot has created machine-objects functioning as elements of a fictional production chain that has inexplicably stopped.

Dutch Invertuals network explores “True Matter”

MATERIALIZED, Dutch Invertuals @ DDW2020 - Photo by Dutch Invertuals.

Photo by Dutch Invertuals.

Dutch Invertuals network challenged independent designers from around the world would be challenged to work with materials from their local context, play with their surroundings not only in terms of resources but also in terms of techniques, craftsmanship, politics and traditions. For example, Studio Lionne van Deursen used microbes to grow biological materials.

The IKEA Virtual Greenhouse

IKEA's VIRTUAL GREEN ìHOUSE @ DDW2020 - Photo by Wang &amp and Soderstrom

Photo by Wang &amp and Soderstrom.

With an increasing majority of us now living in urban spaces with minimal access to nature and wildlife.” Explain at IKEA which created a series of masterclasses, live talks and interactive experiences by expert creatives in food, wellbeing, sustainability and botany, all aiming to bring nature in our homes. Special guests include with Bompass & Parr, Arabeschi di Latte, Frame Magazine and more. Each session provides practical, how-to insights, from plant care to preserving seeds, making a Japanese kokedama ball or creating a home mini terrarium. They’re designed to help the many people create a life at home in which they can truly flourish.

Virtual tactility by Sabine Marcelis

Studio Sabine Marcelis' VIRTUAL TACTILITY - Photo by Studio Sabine Marcelis.

Photo by Studio Sabine Marcelis.

As ambassador of Dutch Design Week, Sabine Marcelis questions how we can still experience tactility in a digital driven society. In collaboration with tech partner 5GHUB Eindhoven, Marcelis created a new work: a digital representation of a design experienced through a groundbreaking 3d display technology. Marcelis explored how one can translate physical objects — a series of polished resin and onyx marble stacked tables and totem lights — into a remote experience. This advanced 3D Display Technologywhich simulates reality is developed by Dimenco.

Providing autonomy to children during medical treatment

Aiki © Studio Uncoated - Image by Graphic design Ieva Valule.

Image by Graphic design Ieva Valule.

Studio Bibi van der Velden and Josephine de Fijter teamed up with the Charlie Braveheart Foundation to create AIKI, an interactive toy preventing the child from enduring a traumatizing experience during medical care. The child receives the cuddle that will give them supported breathing throughout the examination. Rhythmic breathing exercises can have a long-term positive effect on our well-being. It stimulates brain regions that enable us to regulate our emotions. Measuring the child’s breathing tempo which translates into gradually changing the color, AIKI gives the doctor visual cues to understand the height of fear the child is residing in.

Living Coffin

LIVING COFFIN - Photo by Studio Hendrikx x Loop Biotech.

Photo by Studio Hendrikx x Loop Biotech.

Are we waste or compost? Wondered biodesigner, inventor and architect Bob Hendrikx who has designed and grown the first ‘living coffin’ by using the power of mycelium. The coffin “enables you to not pollute the soil but to feed the earth and truly become part of nature by giving new life,” explains the designer. “We are Loop and we are here to restore our relationship with nature. We can bring back human nutrients into the cycle-of-life in the most natural way.”

Movimento design platform kicks off “from the rubbles”

RISING FROM THE RUBBLES virtual exhibition by Movimento club -Image by Dao Archviz.

Image by Dao Archviz.

Movimento Club is an independent design platform started by Artefatto Design Studio to encourage and support young designers and emerging brands, by promoting their work through various channels. For Dutch Design Week 2020, the platform developed a series of scenes with a common theme, rising up from the rubble. “We are all in a position at the moment where we need to push though the negative and keep moving forward. Either we are weighed in by rubble, feeling isolated and alone or stuck somewhere. We believe it’s our duty to keep moving forward for the whole design scene.”

From Milan to Eindhoven: Isola Design Week @ DDW2020

Isola Design Gallery @ DDw2020.

Photo by Isola Design Gallery.

With a curated selection of over 50 international firms, Isola Design District makes a strong return to Dutch Design Week. The Materialized virtual exhibition forms ‘a path between biomaterials and innovative sustainable furnishings’ to explore what the future of design might look like. The Isola Design Gallery exhibition showcasing collectible and bespoke design pieces.

Design Academy Eindhoven Grad Show 2020. InertDomesticSystem by Célestine Peuchot - Photo by Ronald Smits.

InertDomesticSystem by Célestine Peuchot – Photo by Ronald Smits.