Dutch Design Week 2017. (W)Ego by MRDV - Photo by MRDV.

Dutch Design Week 2017. (W)Ego by MRDV – Photo by MRDV.

Eindhoven 2017Dutch Design Week 2017 takes over Eindhoven with HUNDREDS OF exhibitions, talks and installations tuning the the main theme STRETCH. The biggest design event in Northern Europe invited to face the urgent issues and pressing challenges on our time with a lateral-thinking and visionary attitude.

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Dutch Design Week 2017. Materialising the Internet - Photo by MU ARTSPACE.

Materialising the Internet – Photo by MU ARTSPACE.

The XVI edition of Dutch Design Week showcases design as a mind-stretching exercise which can create and re-shape innovative spaces.” Explains Martijn Paulen, Director Dutch Design Foundation. Waste re-cycling, circular economy, digitalisation and robotization of our society are just some of the key issues tackled by designers. We selected some of the must see exhibitions on show until October 29.

Mined: Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show

@ De Witte Dame: Emmasingel 14, entrance floor 3 – 5611AZ Eindhoven.

Dutch Design Week 2017. Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show 2017 - Photo by Angeline Swinkels.

Photo by Angeline Swinkels.

Is not only about “stretching” but about digging too. For Design Academy Eindhoven Graduating Show students have been mining their own personal lives as well as data sets and codes of law and material and technological possibilities to address omnipresent concerns. “Working as archaeologists they dug up dirt and poetry while creating alternatives for existing models, systems and products”. MINED, the overall theme for the 2017 show curated by Formafantasma, encompasses the many directions that came out of this approach.

People’s Pavilion by Bureau SLA & Overtreders W

@ Ketelhuisplein: 5617AE Eindhoven.

Dutch Design Week 2017. People's Pavilion by bureau sla & Overtreders W - Photo by @lagadoarchitects IG.

Photo by @lagadoarchitects, IG.

bureau SLA & Overtreders W designed Dutch Design Week central meeting place, the People’s Pavilion, tuning with the values of circular economy. The entire structure is made with materials borrowed by suppliers, producers, and even Eindhoven residents. Concrete and wooden beams, facade elements, glass roof and recycled plastic cladding – but no screws, glue, drills or saws on the construction site: everything will be returned intact to the owners after the DDW.

Creative Embassies for the Future

Various Locations

Dutch Design Week 2017. Embassy of Robot Love - Courtesy of Dutch Design Week.

Embassy of Robot Love – Courtesy of Dutch Design Week 2017.

World Design Event connects the city with DDW creatives professionals with seven temporary embassies focusing on themes, challenges and visions of the design of the future city. The Embassy of Robot Love features a “Living Lab” there robots and people share care, attention, love and sex. The Embassy of Data aims to raise awareness of the possibilities and opportunities presented by data but also the threats and inadequacies. Other Embassies tackles Urban Transformation, Climate Change, Health, Intimacy and Future Food.

ENLIGHTEN by Dutch Invertuals

@ Working Friends: Fuutlaan 14, 5613AB Eindhoven.

Dutch Invertuals has been collaborating with the iconic Luxaflex® brand to explore light in new forms. Six designers share their visions, going beyond the obvious. “Their exploration will move, shine and glow, providing the audience new insights into aesthetics, experiences and usabilities to come.” Say at Dutch Invertuals.

Altelier NL invites you “To See a World in a Grain of Sand”

Various locations.

Dutch Design Week 2017. Photo by Atelier NL.

Photo by Atelier NL.

Sand, the most consumed material after fresh water, is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. Atelier NL invited people from across the globe to send samples of sand so that they could map the whole world with samples of glass. The studio showcases their research with two exhibitions, the very first sand library is on show at their studio – Bergmannstraat 76, 5615KG – and a film installation exploring the world of sand through the stories of those who contributed to the project – Torenallee 80, floor 2, 5617BE.

Materialising the Internet

@ MU Artspace: Torenallee 40-06, 5617BD Eindhoven.

Dutch Design Week 2017. Materialising the Internet - Image by MU ARTSPACE.


Internet of things, augmented reality, sensors and bigdata: set free from screens and websites, the digital world is merging into the physical environment. At MU Artspace, 20 designers and artists ironically reverse this flux with physical objects materializing the internet itself or triggering a reaction in the realm of bits. Buy your scratch cards for a chance to win up to twenty thousand followers or find out what an aura reading reveals about your smartphone.

Manifestations – Internet of Women Things

@ De Witte Dame, Library, floor 1Emmasingel 22 5611AZ, Eindhoven.

Dutch Design Week 2017. Juul Koene Smell Therapy.

Juul Koene’s Smell Therapy.

According to Eurostat, more than 80% of IT employees is male, but a recent study by Aaltojärv shows that tech-products designed by women are more user friendly. Can we have internet and technology more feminine? The exhibition organized by ViolaVirus in cooperation with the Library of Eindhoven showcases IoT projects created by femaie designers like Juul Koene, who developed a wearable fragrance therapy kit that helps people to relax and to boost the immune system as well.

(W)Ego by MRDV – The future off the city is wonderful

@ Markt: 5611DK Eindhoven.

Dutch Design Week 2017. (W)Ego by MRDV - Photo by MRDV.

Photo by MRDV.

MVRDV poses an uncomfortable question: what if we could shape our living spaces at our pleasure while trying to limit them to the strict necessary? Based on the hypothesis of maximum density achievement and maximum desire fulfillment, the (W)ego installation The Future City is Flexible explores the potentials of desire-based design processes capable of introducing the users’ wishes in the construction of housing and the city.

#HardCore by Core Studio

Nieuwe Emmasingel 85, Floor -2, 5611AM, Eindhoven.

Dutch Design Week 2017. Nick Beens @ Core Studio - Photo by Core Studio

Nick Beens @ Core Studio – Photo by Core Studio

Core studio’s exhibition showcases objects that are physically heavy and digitally light. #HardCore focuses on the reliable and lasting materiality of objects exploring a counter digital movement. Nick Beens designs create different luminous reflections according to how light hits their shiny surfaces. Bram Vanderbeke’s architectural shelf is made out of flat laser cut sheets of aluminum and it can be easily assembled without touching a single screw, Rivet or weld.

Crowdfunding Dutch Design

@ Klokgebouw 50, 5617AB Eindhoven.

Dutch Design Week 2017. OWOW.


Dutch Design Foundation teamed with crowdfunding platforms voordeKunst and Kickstarter to help designers to develop out-of-the-box products in collaboration with the public. Among the 10 selected projects on show the first sleep robot, a device boosting singers performances with interactive sounds effects and a kit for babies which prolongs the feel of being cuddled by parents.

Baars & Bloemhoff’s ‘Transitions III’

@ Material library Broeinest: Torenallee 45 – 5617BA, Eindhoven.

Dutch Design Week 2017. Transition III - Photo by Baars & Bloemhoff's.

Photo by Baars & Bloemhoff’s.

Baars & Bloemhoff challenged six visionary design studio’s to transform their decorative materials into design objects. Architectural light sculptures bring together space and texture, while digital printed structures while the bending properties of beech veneer allow to create sculptural furnitures.

Dutch Design Week 2017. Transition III - Photo by Baars & Bloemhoff's

Photo by Baars & Bloemhoff’s.