Cat-friendly designs - CUBE by Meyou-Paris. Courtesy of Meyou-Paris.

Cat-friendly designs – CUBE by Meyou-Paris. Courtesy of Meyou-Paris.

They are curiously playful and discerning… If you are working at home they like to sit on your laptop, otherwise they might feel quite alone. We selected 5 cat friendly designs celebrating the art of purring.

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IKEA first pet design collection

Cat-friendly designs - Courtesy of IKEA.

Photo: courtesy of IKEA.

IKEA launched LURVIG the first furniture and home accessory collection for cats and dog. “As a pet owner, I can say that generally pet products are quite ugly. So I guess it’s nice to have well-designed and good quality objects for these family members as well”. Explains Barbara Schäfer, IKEA’s Product Risk Assessment Leader and veterinary.

Special accessories transforms IKEA products according to cats’needs. KALLAX insert fits perfectly into the company’s popular square storage to create comfy alcoves while a table leg becomes a scratching tree if wrapped by a cat scratch mat.

Nekko: cat-sized furniture from Japan

The Sales Division of the City of Okawa in the Fukuoka prefecture aired a series of TV commercials and viral videos featuring cat-sized furniture to promote local producers. The 60 second clips show felines making themselves at home on perfectly crafted sofas and beds. “Cats are moody and very demanding. But our furniture can meet all requests and expectations”.  Watch all videos.

PETcube play: the playful pet friendly app

Cat-friendly designs - © PetCube.

© PetCube.

Most urban pets spend their time home alone. PETcube play enables pet parents to see and play with their furry friends through their smartphones when they are away. The iOS and Android compatible device features also a built-in laser toy and two-way audio. Watch video.

DOTE recycled designs

Cat-friendly diesgn - Photo courtesy of Dote.

Photo courtesy of Dote.

At London Design Festival, Dote presented a set of shelves made from layers of heat-pressed felt which call for being climbed and scratched. The new range includes also a blanket that can be sculpted into intriguing tunnels and cocoons and a set of grooming brushes in recycled plastic.

Meyou-Paris: mewing architecture

Cat-friendly designs - CUBE by Meyou-Paris. Courtesy of Meyou-Paris.

CUBE – Photo: courtesy of Meyou-Paris.

Meyou-Paris launched a classy furniture collection for discerning cats. Three architectural cocoons made from natural materials combine felines’ curiosity with a contemporary feel. Each design provides shelter to hide, nap or even sharpen claws. CUBE is a woven cotton ball framed by a steel graphic structure. BALL is held by a wood and metal base while BED is a wooden stool allowing a vantage point protected by a 100% cotton felt shelter.

Cat-friendly designs - BALL by Meyou-Paris. Courtesy of Meyou-Paris.

BALL – Photo: courtesy of Meyou-Paris.

Nekko - Cat Furnitre from Okawa, Japan.

Nekko – Cat Furnitre from Okawa, Japan.