Double Square collection - All photos, courtesy of Aljoud Lootah.

Double Square collection – All photos, courtesy of Aljoud Lootah.

Dubai 2016 – UAE designer Aljoud Lootah presents Double Square, a collection of geometric furniture casted in Carrara marble which take inspiration from Arabesque patterns and motifs.

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Double Square comprises a table, a lighting and the marble version of the “Unfolding Unity” stool. The  collection depicts a recurring Arabesque 8-pointed star motif when viewed from the top. The motif, which consists of two squares, one rotated 45 degrees with respect to the other, is the starting point of a variety of Arabesque patterns, and through it, different combinations can be generated.

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The concept behind Unfolding Unity stool is creating an object with unified harmonious factors that makes it recognisable; an object with a visual structure that focuses on the construction of complex geometric patterns while produced in a simplified way” says Aljoud Lootah. “The stool is a symmetrical subdivision of the plane which highlights the intricately intertwined segments that speak of infinity”.


The simple geometrical structure of the Double Square lighting becomes clearer from above. The design looks always different by walking around it. Aljoud Lootah overlapped the contours of two pyramidal empty volumes placing the light source in the conjoined apex of the structure.

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Double Square table enhances the intricate 45° rotation of two squares. The heaviness of marble is compensated by a transparent table top in glass.


The new designs were presented at Design Days Dubai 2016, Aljoud Lootah designed also a origami inspired collection of furniture and a minimal installation on Dubai starting from ancient fishing techniques in the United Arab Emirates – read more…

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All photos: courtesy of Aljoud Lootah –