ASKA 5 flying car - Photo by ASKA.

Seven future-driven automotive innovations at CES 2023. Above: ASKA 5 flying car – Photo by ASKA.

Technology, DesignCES – Consumer Electronic Show is the most influential tech event in the world. This year, hundreds of exhibitors from across the automotive sector flew to Las Vegas to unveil some of their latest products and cutting-edge technologies. We selected seven future-driven automotive innovations, from iridescent cars to electric roller skates and an immersive theatre-like sound experience.


Afeela launch @ CES 2023 - Courtesy of the Consumer Technology Association.

Afeela launch @ CES 2023 – Courtesy of the Consumer Technology Association.

Afeela is the new car brand by SONY and Honda, which presented the prototype of the company’s first car, a mid-sized sedan, available to order and even purchase in 2025 and ready to hit the road in 2026. “At the heart of this mobility experience is the word Feel,” said Sony Honda Mobility chief executive Yasuhide Mizuno. Yet, little detail has been actually revealed. The car will have Honda safety and driver assistance systems and entertainment and interactive features from Sony. Running above the car’s front bumper is a narrow exterior display screen the company calls the media bar.

The world’s first 100% snowbike

Moonbike - Photo by ©Niels at Saint Viteux.

Photo by ©Niels at Saint Viteux.

Half bike-half snowcat, Moonbike is set to revolutionise snow mobility. The snowbike is a fun, silent, and easy-to-ride 75kg electric vehicle that can support a rider weight of 120kg. Available from 8,900 $, it allows you to explore nature without compromising it. Indeed, it is 100% electric and leaves behind a minimal operational footprint.

Sustainable EV hydrofoil boat

Candela C8 Hydrofoil Boat - ©Candela.


Swedish company Candela has launched the C8 Hydrofoil Boat for up to 8 people rethinking the world of luxury leisure speedboats. Entirely made of carbon fiber, the vessel silently glides on water thanks to its sleek, hydrodynamic design. Conventional speedboats are probably the most energy-inefficient craft on the planet. The C8 Hydrofoil Boat not only it is fully electric – it can travel at 50 knots up to 50 miles – but thanks to a hydrofoil that works like a plane’s wing, the hull is lifted above the sea surface, thus reducing to the minimum the energy-consuming water friction.

EV Flying car ready to take off

ASKA 5 flying car - Photo by ASKA.

Photo by ASKA.

US Company Aska has announced that the Federal Aviation Administration could approve its electric-powered flying car Aska 5 in a month and that it is working on a ride-sharing service ready to take off with its first fleet in 2026. Aska 5 is an EV flying car with a speed of 70 mph while in drive mode and is able to hit the road and the sky for 250 miles with a single charge.

Electric roller skates

Electric roller skates by AtmosGear - ©AtmosGear.


French company AtmosGear presented the first electric in-line skates for daily commutes who can now go to work without sweating or having to remove their shoes. Light, easy to carry, and very fun to ride, even when the battery is off. Recharge while skating on your way to work, school, or leisure with a 32 km/h top speed and 30 km range. The motorized skate frame is designed to fit any roller boot. Available from 500$.

Immersive theater-like music experience

Mercedes Benz Maybach with Dolby Atmos sound experience - Photo by Mercedes Benz Maybach.

Photo by Mercedes Benz Maybach.

Forget left and right audio experience in the car and get ready to travel while being immersed in music at 360° degrees like never before. Mercedes Benz’s luxury brand Maybach presents the first car with the Dolby Atmos©, the ultimate technology bringing forward theatre-like surround sound technology. The experience will be built into the optional Burmester® high-end 4D and 3D sound system. “Our customers rightly expect the highest level of music enjoyment in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.” Said Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG responsible for Sales. ”With Dolby Atmos and the Burmester sound system, we offer our customers an exciting music experience in the vehicle that is almost like a live concert.”

Colour-changing concept car

BMW's 'I Vision DEE' prototype - ©BMW Group.

©BMW Group.

Last year, BMW introduced the BMW iX Flow concept car harnessing the technology of Kindle’s electronic paper [Read more]. At CES 2023, the automaker unveiled I Vision DEE (an acronym for Digital Emotional Experience),  a futuristic midsize electric sedan with a digital assistant, color-changing technology, and an augmented-reality windshield.