CENEPUL is indeed an acronym for CEci N’Est Pas Un Luminaire (This is not a lamp). Based in Nîmes, France, Louis-Marie Planquette is always on the hunt for early XX century antics that attract his eye. Once back at his atelier, he dismantle them and, with extreme care to detail, he creates new objects balancing perfectly simplicity, humour and poetry.

grand roueparabole

Each creation is unique and reflects a precise technical work, a and a deep respect for the soul of objects where electricity fairy “magicfy” creation.

lmp 01

“ Fascinated by explosion of scientific creativity, particularly accelerated since the nineteenth century, my work with recovered goods demonstrate by the object the Lavoisier’s precept” says Louis-Marie Planquette “All «graphic» objects attracts my eye and my hand : photographic, cinematographic, typingraphic, médicalgraphic, and everything which has, more or less, a scientifigraphic connotation that I prepare electrigraphically. Would I have the same inspiration facing todays objects in a hundred years? … We’ll see…”.


It’s important leave time to the Time… Time is my luxury“. Because the the amazement in front of the finished lightening piece… Is timeless.

lmp 02 frame


Photos & Video: Louis-Marie Planquette